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    • Friendship is Magic Miniseries Rarity
    • Why Sunny Fighting Sombra is Actually Possible!
    • Is G5 Dead Already?
    • OC's and Their Popularity Over the Years
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    Friendship is Magic Miniseries Rarity
    By Double C

    For this miniseries we will talk about Rarity.

    Her fashion journey was fun with many problems and success. There were many times that she not only lost her other boutiques but also her friends because of her pride. She learned that her fashion is at its best when she both doesn’t let others put her down and not driving those close away. Wouldn’t be surprise if her work survived and future fashion designers of Gen 5 took influence even if they were unaware it was a unicorn that that made them.

    There are 2 characters that only made one appearance but would play in her developing career and they are Suri Polomare and Pistachio. Since her day view in Rarity Takes Manehattan, Suri had the potential of being Rarity’s archrival like Lightning Dust to Rainbow and the Flim Flam brothers to Applejack. I can imagine her playing every dirty trick in the book to ruin Rarity’s dream and revenge for losing her assistant Coco. Pistachio would make a good student for Rarity to teach about fashion. He could bring in new ideas of fashion that is inspired by nuts like the hat that his parents gave him. An interesting plot is Suri trying to steal Pistachio as her new assistant. Like with Rarity, this would teach him to be careful with others since there are wolves in sheep’s clothing that will do harm to you for their own interest.

    As we all know she has the largest shipping with most of her flirting with any stallion. It’s safe to say she came to terms that Spike has moved on with someone else like Gabby. We all have our own choses but my favorite goes to Fancy Pants, Ragamuffin, and Thunderlane. While I do agree he may be with Fleur de Lis, but RariPants is still popular and my favorite Rarity ship for they have the same interest. They are sophisticated and down to earth then compared too many of the other nobles but can be needy when they want something. Rarimuffin was a good ship with potential in a short moment but thought it only will exist in Equestria Girls. Then in season 10 we saw his pony version as Cranky’s first mate. This shows potential of how the two to meeting and adventures they will have. Rarilane maybe fan made but once again it shows that opposites can be attracted with her being lady like while he is rough.

    The one story that would have been interesting is her having family time with her sister Sweetie Belle and her parents Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles. Out of all of the Mane 6 and CMC parents they are the only ones that hardly have any character development. It would have been a good story to see this family bond with some difficulties. We know she is very different from her parents in personality and talents. In my opinion, this should have been the real topic in Forever Filly instead of just Rarity and Sweetie Belle.


    Why Sunny Fighting Sombra is Actually Possible!
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So awhile ago, there was news of a new Sunny toy coming out… In which Sunny, as an alicorn, plays a role in saving Equestria from King Sombra and his minions. And people came to the conclusion that this is a mistake, a case of the designers not really doing a lot of research and they meant Twilight instead. However, to me, this may not be a mistake at all and is actually something that will happen in the future in the G5 series coming up!

    And well… Here’s why I think Sunny battling Sombra is actually a likely possibility!

    Earlier, I talked about how Sunny and her friends may journey to find the Crystal Empire and bring them back to the larger world outside, encountering a grown up Princess Flurry Heart, convincing the princess to reopen the kingdom and spread its love and light over Equestria.

    And well with the return of the Crystal Empire may come Sombra, although probably not in the same way as in the FIM Season 3 premiere. Maybe when Sunny and her friends reopen the Crystal Empire, they also accidentally revive Sombra. With Sombra’s return, he will most likely take over the minds of any pony in his way, just like in The Beginning of the End, intending to take the Crystal Throne from Flurry Heart.

    Of course Sunny and her friends stand in his way and I could very much see them standing their ground besides Flurry Heart or coming to her aid as the princess is fighting the king. Maybe with the combined magic of Flurry, Sunny (In her alicorn form) and her friends, they defeat Sombra just like how Twilight and her friends did, again like in The Beginning of the End.

    Now I know what some of you may be thinking… That this wouldn’t be such a good idea and introducing G4 villains again will be bad, especially one who has been quite literally vaporized…

    However, I think it would only be fitting, if they were to bring back characters, like Flurry Heart, that they would have to bring back some of the villains too. And well… Unlike other villains, like Chrysalis or Cozy, Sombra is part shadow, so it would be much harder to “get rid of him” to put it lightly. And there’s the possibility that with time, Sombra can reform and take shape again, just waiting for something to spark his return, like in the MLP/Transformers crossover when Twilight accidentally revived Sombra with a blast of her magic.

    Well that’s about it from me, what do you think about Sunny fighting to save Equestria from Sombra!? And is it a possibility that it can happen!?

    And before I go, one more thing…

    Izzy: Crystal! Crystal! Crystal!

    Sombra: That’s my girl!


    Is G5 Dead Already?
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So at the time of writing this, we have yet to really get any details, much less any news on what’s going on with the new series and specials coming out for G5 of MLP. Other than general dates and vague details, we haven’t really gotten anything regarding the production of G5. And I have to wonder… Is G5 already dying before it really starts?

    Well, after thinking about it, no and here’s why…

    It has now been more than four months since the new MLP: A New Generation movie came out on Netflix and the movie was really great, it certainly was even better than I first thought and I throughly enjoyed watching and rewatching it. And I really don’t see any reason for such a success to go to waste and yet… It seems that way for some reason. And that’s a shame, because there are just so many ideas and stories to be told about the new state of affairs Equestria is in.

    However, I think the reason why there has been a lack of news is because everything is being kept under lock until the time is right, keeping us guessing to see what happens next. And well a perfect example of this being successful is Star Wars, (Yes, I’m using an example from that franchise again!) more specifically, The Mandalorian and now currently The Book of Boba Fett. Both of those shows have been kept in secret mostly and well the waiting and lack of information turned out to be a good thing, because both shows ended up being great and to the approval of the Star Wars fandom.

    The same could be true behind G5’s production, there are probably big plans ahead that will capture the attention of the MLP fandom when the series and specials come out. And in another way, when stuff does come out, it will surprise us more because we had no clue on what it will be about. Things won’t be as spoiled and we have the room and time to ponder what will happen next.

    Of course there is also a negative side to this… Keeping the fandom waiting for a long time now will get people bored and lose faith in those working on G5. People may start to think that well G5 is already dying or dead before it really got a chance to begin. And that’s a shame because the movie did so well and was a very good start. And yeah, I am starting to feel like this, with no new information or details coming out, it is hard to get excited about what’s coming, if anything is coming at all.

    I don’t want to sound negative of course, just telling it how it is, but I really hope we get some information on what’s coming next. I want G5 to be as successful as G4 and I want to have the same feeling I did during FiM’s lifespan, but that’s my thoughts on this. How do you all feel about the current state of G5!?


    Edgy OC's and Their Popularity Over the Years
    By: FarQa

    Back in the early day of the fandom, people DESPISED OC ponies. It was startling coming from the world of furry for me, where OC's are celebrated all around. I guess that's due to there being only so many super popular main furry characters from popular media, like Renamon and Krystal.

    Deviant Art was basically the only place where OC's were welcomed in the early fandom. I remember finding many incredible ones and wishing the rest of my pony groups would appreciate them like I did, but just wasn't the same. I think we used mainly Skype back then for communication, and sharing an OC in one of my skype groups would always be met with "canon only please" and other things.

    Then something shifted, and OC's became slowly more and more accepted. I started seeing them pop up in a bunch of different areas of the fandom, from fan art sites to even Equestria Daily itself. Drawfriend posts here used to rarely have an OC presence, and now they seem to primarily be OC's.

    One thing that continued to be rejected was the edgy OC though. Something that was still reserved for the depths of Deviant Art. Despite this, their designs are still amazing, and over time it looks like they became accepted as well. Maybe because of Hazbin Hotel making edgy DA stuff mainstream? I don't really know. Even Equestria Daily now has an edgy batpony goth OC with Sweet Velvet.

    Anyway I just find it fascinating that OC's have come so far over the years. At this point I don't think anything other than badly drawn ones are rejected. If a good artist draws even a crazy over-designed OC, it still can end up popular. I'm really happy about that.