• 25 Of the Best Shining Armor and Cadance Day Fanfics!

    Artist: Viwrastupr

    Time to celebrate Cady and Shiny fanfic style! Cadance in particular has had a boatload of interesting fanon over the years. This is 25 of the best of the best, completely separate from last year's list.

    For older fics, go hit up the last post like this! And thanks to Whisper Key for digging them up.

    Now go read it all below.


    Slice of Life




    A Chess Story by Captain_Hairball


    Shining Armor spends some time with his daughter while he is recovering from a war wound. They play chess, and talk about some thoughts the game brings up.


    A Fine Night for a Rogue by The Red Parade


    One cold winter night, a rogue meets a Royal Guard cadet in the middle of the forest. Neither wanted to, but sometimes in life you don't get a choice. Years later, Sunset Shimmer would meet Shining Armor again.


    The Armor Hypothesis by SnowOriole


    “Ummm, actually…” Shining fidgeted, looking down. “I don’t have my cutie mark yet.”

    Eight Bit gasped. “No way! You’re still a blank flank? You? Shining Armor?”

    Shining pulled his bangs over to hide his gloomy face. “Yeah…”

    The three biggest losers of Canterlot Elementary find out the intimidatingly smart, quiet unicorn colt in class doesn't have a cutie mark. They take the only logical path from there.


    The Past Saw The Future by CoffeeBean


    The past and the future sat in a room. The future stared in awe at the past, the fear of expectation and heritage beginning to gnaw at her. The past only smiled, as the future looked bright.


    Flurry Heart's First Kiss by Georg


    Princess Flurry Heart has found something at school that she wants more than anything else in the world. Something she will do anything to get. Something that an unsuspecting young colt has.

    An extra cookie.


    Under Princess Pressure  by naturalbornderpy


    Flurry Heart is older now, and as such, has begun to realize the immense pressure it takes to become a proper Princess. So, after careful deliberation, she decides there's only one thing left to do.

    Run away.

    Until a certain Princess comes to speak with her, that is.


    The Price of Motherhood by Rao the Red Sun


    Flurry Heart returns home after a visit with her Aunt Twilight. She's noticed an interesting difference between her mother and her aunts, and sits down to have a talk about why exactly Cadance is the odd mare out.


    Flurry Heart Goes to Magic Kindergarten by PresentPerfect


    Flurry Heart has just turned six, and that means it's time for her first day of school! It's sure to mean lots of fun, learning and new friends!









    A Lesson in Regicide by MayhemMoth


    Flurry Heart wants to know what happened to the Crystal Empire's previous rulers. Cadance answers with as little detail as possible, and unintentionally teaches her daughter about a tradition she wasn't aware of.


    Assigned Paperwork At Birth by Estee


    First you're born, and then you're recorded in triplicate. The end of labor is the start of a very long paper trail, because nopony can exist without being documented. Sending copies of a new foal's documents to the Herdbook Registry is perfectly normal. And of course, in order to make sure there's nothing strange going on, that paperwork gets reviewed. Which is done by bureaucrats who establish absolute control inside their office while having no idea of what's happening in the actual world. So as far as they're concerned, the forms associated with somepony named 'Flurry Heart'...

    Don't tell them. It's funnier if they find out on their own.


    Pony World Problems by shortskirtsandexplosions


    Captain Shining Armor of the Royal Guard is a force to be reckoned with, especially alongside his loyal Lieutenant, Flash Sentry. Together, they have overcome all manner of evil threats in the Crystal Empire and beyond. So, when Princess Twilight Sparkle requests that Shining Armor arrive in Ponyville to look after the quaint, humble farming village for a single day, Shining feels that he and his partner are overqualified for the challenge. But is that necessarily a good thing?









    Secrets Forgotten by Shaslan


    Argyle's birthday always leaves him feeling somehow hollow. Until one year, he finally remembers why...


    More Awful Things  by mushroompone


    Shining Armor has some bad news for Twilight.

    There have to be more awful things than this... right?


    Winter Storm by Snake Staff


    Twenty years after the events of Together Forever, Cadence still struggles to create a new form for her beloved husband as Shining Armor seeks the source of his wife's misery. Meanwhile, tensions mount in the world at large, drawing the intervention of Celestia. But is this all more than coincidence?


    The sister she never knew by Shaslan


    A young alicorn, alone in the darkness. A unicorn, frozen in terror as her kingdom falls. They are millennia apart, and yet they are together.









    How to Farm Rocks (in three easy steps) by mushroompone


    Cadance journeys out to the Pie family farm to get a lesson in earth pony magic.


    And I Hope You Die by Aquaman


    In one world, a Princess sent a child to Tartarus.

    In another, a Princess met a filly unstuck from time.

    In the years that followed, a Princess fell in love.

    In the end, a Princess was the only one left.









    Broken by Bicyclette


    Shining Armor has a broken horn. An Exquisite Corpse story.


    The Power Of Love by TCC56


    Just over a decade ago, two budding entrepreneurs made a major discovery: changelings convert love into power. And that power could be extracted.

    Spurred on by the sudden infusion of energy, Equestria has rapidly industrialized and modernized. Transformed, technology and society has advanced by leaps and bounds - all thanks to Flim/Flam Corp and their changeling batteries.

    Not every pony is accepting, however. Not every pony is okay with mass-produced changelings kept in tanks to turn Equestria's ambient love into electricity.

    After years of leading her rebel organization on a campaign against the changes, the former Princess Cadance has finally made a breakthrough. Though it has cost her dearly, she's found the key to bringing down Flim/Flam, freeing the changelings and returning Equestria to its normal state.

    Unfortunately, Shining Armor - her personal Javert - is blocking the only exit.


    Heartless by Silent Whisper


    Chrysalis and Cadance have been engaged in a battle of wills against each other for longer than either can remember, but little do they know they're both fighting for the same reasons.


    Snowblind by Aquaman


    If diplomacy is an art form, then it's surely the most boring one of the lot. After a full day of fruitless trade negotiations with the Crystal Empire, I'm about ready to give up my royal title if it means avoiding more mind-numbing talks tomorrow. In the meantime, though, at least there's a nightclub in town. And from what I've heard, her Highness Princess Flurry Heart is its most frequent, infamous, and insatiable patron.

    On second thought, maybe this trip won't be as tedious as I thought.









    The Heart of the Matter by Aotrs Commander


    Twilight was so excited to have been appointed to head an important diplomatic mission to the distant land of the alphyns, even more so that Cadance, Shining Armour and Spike were coming with her to provide support.

    But the truculent Grand Prince Caldrast is less interested in negotiating than he is in advancing his tenebrous personal agenda. As she deals with the machinations of the Grand Prince, Twilight discovers some members of her family hide secrets of their own...


    Kill it With Fire by Rambling Writer


    Tempest gets roped into babysitting Flurry Heart during a visit to the Crystal Empire. It's not so bad. She can talk all she wants and Flurry's a good listener. Plus, it gets her away from the hustle and bustle of the Crystal Faire. In all, she expects a quiet night.

    Then she spots a spider. And spiders need to die. By any means necessary.

    The Crystal Palace will never be the same.


    Starlight at the Edge of the Cliff by FoolAmongTheStars


    Sunburst lives in a perfectly synchronized society, where every second of his life is dictated by his Guide, Flurry Heart. But one day Flurry Heart goes awry.


    The Love Bug by Baal Bunny


    Waking uneasily one morning, Cadance can't quite put her hoof on why she feels something's wrong. Fortunately, her wife, in bed beside her, is happy to help her investigate.