• MelodicPony Music Project Lives!


    Years ago, we posted about a Kickstarter event created to honor the memory of one of the early greats in the pony orchestral music scene: MelodicPony. Since that time the project seemed to fade into obscurity, but now we finally have some news about the state of the project!

    After stumbles trying to find the right orchestra to make the effort a reality, the creators of the project have a new press release and a new campaign to try and finish this project that has been years in the making.

    Find the presser after the break!
    Hello to every fan of MelodicPony’s music!

    It has been almost seven years ever since MelodicPony left us, at the age of 26. His talent in orchestral music sparked short but bright in the brony community and his songs still stay with us.

    When we learned of his passing, we wanted to do something to remember him. We decided to honor his memory with something he joked about during his lifetime and what would make him really happy: to have his song recorded by a live orchestra.

    Because of that, we’ve created this crowdfunding. Its goal will not only be recording the song. We made an agreement with the orchestra that they will also play the song at two live concerts of the orchestra in Prague, Melodics’ hometown. These would also be livestreamed for everyone to enjoy.

    We aim to create something unique that will stay with us forever! And so will be the rewards for your support! The first one is a CD with every MelodicPony’s released song, Princess Twilight Orchestral Suite recorded in studio, and two unpublished songs we’ve been given from his family. They aren’t as polished as his finished pieces, but we hope they will bring you enjoyment. The second reward is a flipbook, through which you can flip to see an animation of Luna honoring MelodicPony’s memory by having him remembered in the night sky.

    We know it’s a big project. But if successful, it will be the most beautiful way to honor Martin’s (MelodicPony’s) life and it will also give something beautiful to his parents: to remember him as the person who brought joy to the lives of many people through the music. They will join us at the live concert in a hall together with hundreds of people, listening to the wonderful music he created. Let’s show his family all the sparks ignited by his music and let them see how many of them are out there!

    If anypony loves his music and has a few bits to spend to support the project, we would be tremendously grateful. And even if you can’t support the project, please share the project with your friends.

    Thank you!

    To learn more about the project, see the crowdfunding website:

    Crowdfunding Site

    Twitter: Calpain