• Part One of Kickstarter for MelodicPony Music Project Launches

    After months of planning, friends of MelodicPony who passed away last year, are ready to have his amazing works turned into a piece played by orchestra in a live performance. Melodic was one of the early pony musicians that created epic music to help describe the world of Equestria not in words but through his talent in music.

    A Kickstarter has been created to help cover the costs of the first step of this project of converting his
    music into a proper musical score. A second Kickstarter will be this summer to pay for the actual orchestra so stay tuned for that! But to get to that we need to fulfill this first step.

    Check after the break for more details from the people spearheading the project along with a link to donate.

    Dear friends and fellows,

    This past summer our fandom was struck by the sad news of losing one of our finest orchestral musicians: MelodicPony. His tremendous talent and passion for music were quenched by a sudden stroke, taking him from us at the age of a mere 27 years. Through his art he brought joy and inspiration to thousands of us, filling us with awe of his epic orchestral interpretations of themes from the show embellished with original ideas of his own. He spent 30 to over 50 hours on each of his orchestrations, carefully crafting it and shaping it into perfection. MelodicPony only ever published six pieces, but every single one of them got published in spotlight music and was highly regarded. He has never asked for anything in return.

    His name was Martin and on a few occasions he jokingly mentioned how great it would be if his music could be performed by an actual orchestra. We think this is a beautiful dream and should be fulfilled even though he won’t be around to witness it anymore.

    We’ve contacted professional musicians - conductors and orchestrators, and found possible ways of having one of Martin’s pieces transcribed, performed and recorded. We’ve also talked to his family to get a formal approval, and after several months we’re finally good to go.

    The fundraising will be split into two campaigns. This one will cover the costs of a professional transcription of the midi into a playable orchestral score, and some miscellaneous expenses like postage for the written permissions and the like. We set the goal to $750 to cover everything necessary.

    The next campaign is planned for this summer and will aim to cover the cost of professional orchestral musicians, their rehearsal time, the required time in a recording studio, all the recording equipment along with sound engineers to handle it, post production mixing and so on. The recording will take place in the Czech Republic - Martin’s homeland - and should cost between $3000 and $4000.

    The piece we’ve chosen to have performed is MLP FiM: Princess Twilight Orchestral Suite - possibly the most iconic and popular of Martin’s works.

    We will be grateful for every kind of help we can get. If you could donate even a symbolic amount of money, it would mean a lot. If you could share the project with your friends, that’d be awesome. Martin aka MelodicPony would in his modesty never ask for it himself, but we believe he deserves our full support. Fulfilling his dream is the least we can do for him to repay all the joy he gave us.

    Thank you so very much.

    Twitter: Calpain