• Random Pony Merch: Easter Stuff, Pinkie Cake Tin, DVD Sets, and More!

    With Easter around the corner, many a holiday themed merchandise piece is hitting the shelves for all the parents out there to pick up for their kids. Of course, a side market is looking to hop on as well, and kids aren't the only ones packin on the pony for the season. These chocolate eggs were found at ASDA by Tre.

    Anyway, get that and more below!

     Pinkie Pie Cake Pan

    Found At: Party City
    Found By:  Jeffrey

    Pinkie Pie Lip Gloss

    Found At: Dollar Store
    Found By:  Jade, lloyd

    Key Chains

    Found At: Dollar King in New Zealand
    Found By:  Mathew

     Pony Watch

    Found At: Dollar King in New Zealand
    Found By:  Mathew

    3 Disc Japanese Blu-Ray

    Covers season 1-2

    Found At: Amazon
    Found By: Stinken

    Scholastic Book

    Found At: Shcolastic Order
    Found By:  LaPony

     Pinkie Cow Candy

    Found At: Shop and Stop
    Found By:  Robert and Kyle

     Birthday Card

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By:  Steve

    Floppy Ponies Closeup 

    Found At: Hasbro Toy Shop
    Found By:  Ramirez

    Glitter Pony Set

    Found At: ASDA
    Found By:  Tre

    Scarf and Hat

    Found At:
    Found By:

     Easter Gift Set

    Found At: B&M
    Found By:  Richard

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