• Fanfiction: Sunshine


    Author: Butterscotch Cream

    Description: Sea storms are a nasty but well-paid business: the business of Mobile Ops Pegasi Stormfighters. The small, pet-like "storms" cultured on mainland are nothing by comparison and hardly deserving of the name. Tempests on the ocean have no master. They're monstrous machines of pure untamed brutality. Only cruise-liners or larger naval vessels maintain teams large enough to actually waylay a storm of such scales, and even then each pegasus has the work of five. 
    Smaller ships with only a team of four, like The Bumbler, could at best hope to make the weather a little less deadly in anything stronger than a squall. By the mediocre standards of most inland ponies it would seem cruel to send two pegasi out in such conditions, but that's what they are paid to do. And the more dire the storm, the more necessary their job.


    Additional Tags: Pegasi fighting sea-storms and their hearts.