• Alternate EQG Concept Album & Video: Skyshard - The Borderline [Soundtrack]

    Definitely among the best solo album releases of the year in the community, Skyshard's 42-tracks masterpiece of a story-powered album is SO incredible and commendable, with not only the amazing music but the story and the video too!! You really shouldn't sleep on it!! The whole thing is almost 3 hours long, but it's very much worth it listening to it all while following and reading the story in the video like I did!! The story that Skyshard has imagined takes place in an alternate EQG world and there are some big twists and hidden meanings awaiting you among the intense and epic adventure and the tasteful inspirations. The music is just so fitting to the story and was designed as soundtrack for it, and you will be able to experience that journey jourself as if you were there. There's even lots of SFX for more immersion! As for the video, it has visual effects and the story carefully set up and displaying all throughout!

    I recommend listening to the album while following the video of it on YouTube that has an intro and the story for each track displaying all throughout!

    Find the video experience here or embedded after the break, and download the album on Bandcamp here!