• Early Izzy Concept From Celia Kaspar

    What do you think of this Izzy? Apparently she was an early concept for the character! That's a lot more of a nerdy style than what we ended up with isn't it?


    Okay, this is super early design! In the very beginning we just thought of Izzy as the gentle 'caregiver' of the crew, caring for animals, plants and everypony around her 💜 And this was my take on her when we were brainstorming for design ideas 😊 Of course her design changed a lot in the following months and the final design that LÊa made is absolutely gorgeous! ...but I already got the colours right hehe


    We also have some extra Argyle stuff and various necklaces he could have come with. Check that out below!


    And here are some more options we had for Argyle's necklace! 💍

    Thanks to Pipp Petals and Nectar Shine for the heads up!