• 30 of the Best Bat Pony Fanfics for Bat Pony Day!


    Will you read her fanfic? It's about all of her friends, and she loves her friends.

    Bat pony day means bat pony fanfics, one of the few places we've truly been able to celebrate them! We've got 30 of some of the best bat pony fanfics out there. Go read a bunch below!


    Slice of Life




    Interview with a Batpony  by Gulheru


    Twilight Sparkle will not pass up on this incredible opportunity – a batpony stallion came to stay in Ponyville and is willing to share knowledge and information! It would allow to finally fill all the gaps in Equestrian knowledge about their species!

    The questions are prepared, the tape is set. Let's start the interview!


    Choosing of the Guard by Random_User


    Twilight is asked to choose which branch of the Equestrian forces she would like her guards to come from. In response, she invites one representative from each of the three branches to stay in Ponyville so she and the Elements can choose her and Ponyville's protectors with the proper amount of knowledge. Nocturnal is picked by Luna as the representative for her forces. He does his best to meet Luna's expectations, educate ponies about what it means to be a bat pony, and stay out of trouble during his brief stay.


    Ghosts by Ponydora Prancypants


    The khirala have avoided the surface for a thousand generations, and they know nothing of the horrors faced by those who must try to survive the war. In fact, they do not even know that word, and they believe they are the only ponies in the world. On a night when the sky teems with ghosts, a young pony from the gateway to eternity will meet an eternal pony, and their lives will change forever.


    To be a Thestralian by Lazydrill


    The night a little pony has been looking for a long time has finally arrived. Ever since he heard the stories of old, he had always hoped that this day would come, and he would be there to witness it.


    Just a Little Batty by I Thought I Was Toast


    The first day of school always sucks. It's particularly sucky when you're normally nocturnal.


    Of Lilies and Chestnuts by Prane


    Fancy Pants and his lovely wife Fleur are quite possibly Canterlot's most heroic duet. Together they conquered countless events, faced hordes of snobbish socialites, and emerged victorious from the most dire of faux pas. May their bravery and finesse be forever remembered on parties to come!

    There is a missing element in their perfect life, though: the joy of having a child and becoming a family. When conventional methods fail, will the couple muster enough courage to seek out the alternative, or will they stay a duet forever?

    Enter Chestnut—a daring filly from beyond Equestria, out of their social stratum, and definitely exceeding their boldest expectations.

    For better or worse.


    We're Not so Different, You and I. by Shocks


    Morning Breeze. A mare in the esteemed royal guard. Certainly not a rarity, but still it's an accomplishment nonetheless. She has served the night guard to the best of her ability, and though never personally standing guard around her princess, she takes great pride in her duty. So when she learns that she is to be reassigned to make way for the return of the Lunar guard, naturally, she is a bit upset. Especially considering the Lunar guard is made up of thestrals, bat ponies of ancient times that disappeared after the fall of Nightmare Moon. Her irritation at being replaced by thestrals, of all creatures, has her frustrated. But a chance encounter in the halls of Canterlot castle may reveal more than what she perceives.


    Initiation by Raugos


    Once a year, the Night Guards of Canterlot receive a very important shipment, much to the distress of their peers. Flash Sentry has no idea what the fuss is all about.


    Ordem e Progresso by Chocolate Milk


    After Summer Sirocco's expulsion from the Royal Guard Academy, a captain of the Night Guard offers her an unexpected alternative. The choice: sacrifice her relationships and abandon her identity, or walk away from a singular opportunity to escape the pony she never wanted to be. It dredges up difficult questions of how she sees herself and who she really is—and her answers won't be easy either.









    The Most Annoying Infestation by ocalhoun


    Rainbow discovers that she has a pest problem in her house. The pest turns out to be both cuter and more annoying than she expected.


    The Adventures of Batsy Fluffentuft the Magnificent by ocalhoun


    Batsy Fluffentuft (not the most respected of the lunar guards, and in fact on super-probation from Princess Luna herself) manages to escape into the town of Canterlot and have herself an adventure.









    I, Witness by LoyalLiar


    Waking up on a rooftop on Nightmare Night alone wouldn't have been so jarring for Eyewitness if it weren't for the dead body. Struggling with the harsh wake up call, and the arrival of the mysterious 'guardspony' Chocolate Malt, she must help him solve the murder while keeping her own secrets intact.


    The Sun's Descent by Zetriax


    Dawn Waves is a pegasus who has had much stolen from her. She deals with grief in the only way she can, by going to the cliff overlooking the woods and thinking. When she attempts the unthinkable, a chance encounter could help her to move on, and even change her life for the better. But, of course, it's not always that simple.


    LT: Unsung Heroes by Harmony Split


    Equestria, the land of harmony. But how could such a land exist for a thousand years? The short and sweet of it is: it can’t. The price of peace is often bloodshed and violence.

    It is the bat-ponies that pay this price, that keep Equestria peaceful and harmonious. They operate without the knowledge of the other races. With the help of the princesses, they’ve maintained this façade for a thousand years. However, even with their centuries of experience not even the princesses are experts at war. They’re good at it, great even, but it’s not their talent.

    When a mare emerges whose special talent is war itself, she is quickly elevated through the ranks to put her talents to use for the good of all of Equestria. But for one to command, they must have the unwavering trust of everyone under them. Can Celestia give her this trust?

    And if not, who will pay the price for it?


    In Bloom by Novelle Tale


    Verspertine has always longed to touch the stars--and luckily enough, she was born a thestral, so it's (maybe) theoretically possible.

    She's been training her whole life to become a Wonderbolt and finally, thank Celestia, she's a cadet at the Academy.


    Lest We Forget by I Thought I Was Toast


    Proper Thestrals don't celebrate the Summer Sun Celebration. They never have; they never will, for thestrals never forget.

    Deep in the heart of Mount Canter, the dirge of the Nightmother calls them, and they answer it every year. This year, however, is the year after Princess Luna returned. There is little reason to hold a funeral for the living, and yet they do so all the same.

    They must always remember; they must never forget; Honor and tradition demands it.


    Guard Over Me by AnchorsAway


    We all have that one pony in our lives.

    Somepony to watch over us.

    The one who is always there for us.


    Who Will Guard The Dreamers by Georg


    After Nightmare Moon’s banishment, a mother struggles to cope with the death of her daughter and the lies being told about Princess Luna. In her despair, she is driven to a desperate attempt to find closure.

    She will visit the moon in the Dreaming, and bring back her Princess of the Night.









    Absolutely Batty by NotARealPonydotcom


    A little piece of fluff about how two friends started dating, thanks to an ill-timed slip of the tongue.


    Blooming Romance by Enigmatic Otaku


    Hearts and Hooves Day is a fun holiday for most. Candy, heartfelt gifts, what's there for a pony not to love?

    However, when a young filly named Cinnamon Bun doesn't get so much as a card from anypony in her class, it's up to Ebony Stars, her batpony friend, to cheer her up.

    But, as the years go by for the two, what started off as an anonymous love letter he sent to her in the guise of a secret admirer may develop into something much deeper.


    The Sun Shines Brightest at Night by PresentPerfect


    Nightmare Moon's defeat meant more to Equestria than just the return of the sun and their Princess. Witness the conclusion of a story one thousand years in the making, through the eyes of a Hoofington nurse.


    The Golden Armor by Comet Burst


    Comet takes his job too seriously. Angel doesn't take anything seriously.

    Comet joined to protect kingdom and princess(es). Angel joined for adventure and danger.

    Comet isn't interested in mares. Angel can't stop talking about stallions.

    Comet is a pegasus. Angel is a bat pony.

    Together, this unlikely duo goes through life as Royal Guards from basic training to fully fledged guardsponies. Who knows? Maybe they'll even start to get along.


    Fine Print by Starscribe


    Tracy Maxwell is in a desperate situation: find somewhere to live, or lose the internship he needs to survive. After exhausting every property in the city, one last option appears the day before his deadline. Sure the agent selling the place is a little weird, and more than a little overeager to get the property signed off. At the worst, maybe there's a little mold in the bathroom somewhere, and he has to make do until the lease is up.

    But then he steps inside and discovers things can be much worse. The property is in another universe, and while he's there he'll have to play by its rules. He's free to continue working his dream job, so long as he keeps to the contract. Even worse, he's got a roommate who has no intention of leaving him alone.

    If he ever wants to escape, he'll have to read the Fine Print.


    Luna's Story: Rise of the Lunar Stallions by Aegis Shield


    Princess Luna falls comatose and is revived by the love-sick kiss of one of Celestia's guards. As a reward, she leads him to the ancient hidden barracks of her long forgotten guardian force. Their slowly blossoming romance gives birth to a breed of royal guard not seen in 1,000 years. The Lunar Stallions!









    Statuesque by Pascoite


    Long ago, a batpony made a promise to stand by his princess faithfully. It was the only mission he failed to complete. He can never make that up to her, but maybe he can ensure that she has a friend awaiting her return.









    Child of Nightmares and Everfree by Georg


    When a frantic Night Guard seeks help in finding his long-lost wife and daughter in the middle of the Everfree Forest, he finds only Fluttershy able to guide him on his dangerous quest. But as they search, they find far more than they expected, and in the end, he may be forced to accept the painful reality that the daughter he seeks may not want to return with him.

    The only thing in the Everfree Forest more frightening than a father trying to find his lost daughter, is a mother who does not want to let go.


    Redeem Us In Our Solemn Hour by Cynewulf


    My name is Midnight Aria, and I was never supposed to be here.

    I joined the Rangers for adventure. I wanted to drive timberwolves away from frontier villages and soar over uncharted forests. I wanted to rescue little lost foals in snowdrifts and be a hero. I didn't want to be a guard or a soldier.

    And now I'm chest deep in a war and I know for absolute certain that we are all going to die.


    Night Guards by Raugos


    At first glance, Princess Luna's charioteers might appear to be little more than Royal Guards dressed in festive apparel for Nightmare Night. However, there is far more to the story than that - the Night Guards once played a pivotal role in the history of Equestria, and have sacrificed more for their beloved princess than most ponies are even aware of.


    Nightfall - Luna's Reunion by Georg


    They have waited a thousand years in darkness to meet their creator, but tonight, their wait will be over.

    And their lives will never be the same again.


    The Ponies in the Caves by SockPuppet


    Dusky isn't looking for trouble. All she wants is a job, a place to call her own, and a quiet life.

    But when Diamond Dogs kidnap four foals, it's up to Dusky—formerly Major Dusk Fireball, Household Battalion, Equestrian Royal Guard—to lead the citizen-soldier reservists of the Ponyville Home Guard into the Dogs' caves in a desperate rescue mission.


    Thanks to Whisper Key for the list!