• 36 Of the Best Fanfics to Read for Cutie Mark Crusader Day!

    The fanfiction has arrived! If you want something to read today involving the CMC, this is the place to find it! Or one of the older posts since this one is a brand new set. Thanks to Whisper Key for gathering them.

    Go read horsewords below sorted by genre!


    Slice of Life




    Open up Your Eyes by Pascoite


    Tempest Shadow had switched loyalties rather quickly, but blending into the other aspects of life is taking longer. In particular, Hearth’s Warming proves a bit of a challenge to understand—well, no, more to remember. She’d blocked out a lot of her foalhood. And Twilight Sparkle suggests Sweetie Belle as the one to help her get it back.


    Beyond the Herd by Impossible Numbers


    Apple Bloom wants to grow up. She's sure she does. Surrounded by the family that founded a town, shaped it, and made it what it is today, she finds herself all the more invested in becoming a part of this legacy.

    Yet as Apple Bloom's interest in the legacy grows, so does her interest in a pony who never had one.

    After all, sometimes there's a good reason to step outside. To fly on your own. To look beyond the herd.


    Best Left Unsaid by Jake The Army Guy


    In many ways, Featherweight is your typical colt. He loves his dad, he has a best friend, does well in school, and is generally well liked among his peers. Despite his limitations, he's pretty content with his life.

    However, when a classmate receives some devastating news, those limitations might just mean he is the only one who can help.


    24k Lush by The Red Parade


    Sweetie Belle has an idea for the upcoming Ponyville Friendship Festival, but she can't do it alone. Even if being alone is all she has.


    A Song for Orthus by Carabas


    Silver Spoon has a hellhound problem.

    There's no problem Sweetie Belle can't solve.


    Try by Mudpony


    Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's afternoon at the park takes an unexpected turn when they witness Apple Bloom being rejected and, in a fit of despair, drive the other Crusaders away. Naturally, Diamond Tiara is determined to console her Apple Bloom, because she's a good friend without any ulterior motives.


    The Wind Rings True by Pascoite


    Apple Bloom and I shared an unusual attitude about our mothers, and it helped to talk about it. But eventually she didn’t need her old friend Derpy anymore.

    I didn’t think it would hurt this much.


    The Sister Sidestep: Apple Bloom by Impossible Numbers


    Apple Bloom never thought of herself as a "s'phisticated" pony. She lives on a farm, she eats what's put in front of her, she follows the advice of her kin without question or doubt. That's all there is to it.

    Rarity, on the other hoof, is so "s'phisticated" she can actually spell it. Probably too "s'phisticated" for her own good. The life of an artist - even one who actually makes money - is never a simple one.

    But truth, like life, is like the gleam off a sun-caught apple. Turn it around, and though it was once dull and uninteresting, the flash of light may well catch your eye in a way that sparks something new and exciting. As if you'd found your cutie mark all over again. A life-changing moment of pure inspiration.

    Maybe these two socially sensitive ponies have more in common than they'd ever thought possible...


    The Sister Sidestep: Scootaloo by Impossible Numbers


    Scootaloo might be no good at sums, but she knows Scootaloo plus scooter equals the fastest, awesomest, most attention-grabbing-est thing on the ground.

    She also knows Applejack minus anyone actually fun to be with equals one really lame time.

    And yet, spending a day with the Apple farmer and her broader Apple family seems strangely attractive to her. They might not be the most exciting of ponies, (and when it comes to cool, they're certainly the most clueless), but they have something Scootaloo really, really wants. Deep down. Something she keeps coming back for.

    Not that she's going to admit it. Cos that would be seriously lame.


    The Sister Sidestep: Sweetie Belle by Impossible Numbers


    Sweetie Belle has spent most of her life trying to be like Rarity. That engenders a certain beau monde sophistication regarding one's life philosophy.

    It ain't got nothing on Rainbow Dash, though, who'd probably think "engender" meant "make someone a boy or a girl". Assuming she knew words that long.

    However, if these two ponies are going to spend a day together, they'll have to commit to it. But then, who knows? There are times when even beauty comes in the most unexpected and unlikely of forms.

    And when it comes to picking things up on the fly, Sweetie Belle's nothing if not a keen student. Always eager to please a sister.


    We Apples, Three by 8686


    When Big Macintosh saves Applejack from a broken promise on the last day of harvest, she starts to worry she's been taking him for granted. Intent on fixing it, she takes him and Apple Bloom on a camping trip into Whitetail Wood, determined that they all have a good time together, as a family.

    A simple story about a brother, his two sisters, and how much they mean to each other.


    Study of Generosity by PaulAsaran


    A month ago, Scootaloo made the mistake of suggesting generosity was nothing more than looking rich and throwing things at less fortunate ponies. Rarity set her straight, and Scoots has a much better appreciation for the concept.

    But when she asks Rainbow Dash about it, she's treated to a view of Rarity she didn't expect. Rarity's done thing in the past that don't mesh with the generous lifestyle she introduced Scootaloo to. Does that mean everything Rarity showed her was a lie? Is Rarity just a greedy, envious, corrupt fraud?

    Scootaloo has to know more.


    Saplings by Carabas


    Rainbow Dash sets about the most important of her teaching duties; decorating a copse of truculent trees for Hearth's Warming. Just as well she's got a new teaching assistant, Sweetie Belle, to delegate to.


    Second Draft by Pascoite


    Sweetie Belle has managed to snag an elusive spot on Princess Celestia’s calendar, but it’s only for a school assignment to interview somepony. On second thought, maybe she’s only wasting the Princess’s time.


    Even More Awesome Than Me by Emotion Nexus


    Yakyakistan is one of the coldest places in Equestria, but it's rich in local resources. Scootaloo may be living in the closest thing to an eternal winter there is, but not even she could predict just how deep the chill cuts.


    Rooster by Dreamer Deceiver


    Scootaloo writes home to Princess Twilight from the Dragonlands, telling her why the filly that left Equestria will never return.


    S'No Day by Estee


    In order to make sure her class knows a little more about the world, Cheerilee has them exchanging letters with children in other nations. This allows her students to learn about truly foreign concepts, like 'snow day'. And the mere concept of having a random storm grant an unexpected holiday has taught the Crusaders something big: that Equestria is the worst place in the whole world, because the weather schedule means that's never gonna happen.

    Surely there has to be a way to get a snow day of their very own. Surely...

    ...so what's the fastest way to summon a windigo?


    Rusty Scissors by pjabrony


    Babs Seed, long ensconced in her job as a stylist, goes in for a day of work. But her last customer will make her question her decisions.









    Mail Exchange by Bicyclette


    Sugar Belle, Sweetie Belle, and Bon Bon don't know what's worse: the fact that their mail always gets mixed up or how annoying they find each other...


    Ground Control to Major Scootaloo by The Red Parade


    Princess Celestia only sends the most vile and evil ponies in Equestria to the moon. Or, that's what Scootaloo wants to believe.


    Apply Heat For Ninety Minutes by Estee


    One of the many reasons the Cutie Mark Crusaders have their reputation is the group's tendency to ignore whatever the adults are saying -- or worse, to hear just enough to get them in trouble. So when Cheerilee finally covers pony sexuality on a warm, lazy, sleepy day, the trio come away with exactly enough notes to collectively believe the following:

    Ponies going into heat is real.

    They'll never be interested in sex at any other time.

    They're going into heat once, for an hour and a half, and it's going to happen tomorrow.

    This can only end well.


    The Fastest-Paced Story Ever Told by DmitriTheWriter


    On a camping trip, Twilight and the Cutie Mark Crusaders are sitting around the campfire as Twilight prepares to tell them a long and epic story, filled with dragons and castles, pirates and magical artifacts, and scores of interesting characters along the way.

    Problem is, they're tired and want to hear the whole story in 10 minutes.

    Oh boy...









    Advance by Mist


    The age of technology has hit Equestria. Ponies everywhere are connecting in ways they never felt imaginable. In this world of constant digital connection, Apple Bloom is learning that things change as you get older. A new Equestria is being made, and that means a new Ponyville is coming with it, but young Apple Bloom isn't certain if she's ready to let go of the old Ponyville first.


    Recollections of a Nightmare by Seer


    Whenever Sweetie Belle stays at her sister's she can bet that Rarity will wake her up for school in the morning.

    Today is no different.

    Isn't it?


    A Bittersweet Lesson by Novelle Tale


    Sometimes life's lessons are easiest to learn in our old classrooms, and with our old teachers. Standing on the cusp of her journey as an instructor at the School of Friendship, Scootaloo hopes that her very first teacher can offer her some insight.


    Debt to Society by mushroompone


    After an "incident" at Twilight's School of Friendship, Scootaloo returns to Ponyville on sabbatical. Her past haunts her, however, as a darkness looms over Ponyville and its citizens.


    The Airlock by Seer


    Sweetie Belle is finally returning home after a long stay at Carousel Boutique.

    This time, she really hopes things will be different.


    Back at School by applejackofalltrades


    After her visit to her cousins’ place in Ponyville, Babs Seed finally goes back home to Manehattan. Things are exactly as she remembers them being - miserable. Why does nopony notice her?









    Gifts Ungiven by Flutterpriest


    The Cutie Mark Crusaders are celebrating the anniversary of their decision to form a polycule. However, when Sweetie Belle loses her gift to Scootaloo on their way back to the old clubhouse -- she’s left with a tough decision on what to do next.


    The Bully Foal-Pit by Trick Question


    When Babs Seed and Diamond Tiara end up trapped in a hole filling with water, survival is foremost on their minds. When that fails, the former bullies try to come to terms with the lives they've lived.

    Sometimes you have to get the weight off of your withers before you can tread water.









    Pegasus of Raphinae by Mica


    I am Scootaloo. My ancestor was Princess Raphinae, the founder of the island kingdom of flightless pegasi.

    Takes place sometime before Diamond Tiara's reformation.


    The Sum of Our Parts by Aquaman


    When I was a foal, I despised Apple Bloom more than anypony else in the world. Years later, my feelings have changed, and so have Apple Bloom and I. But some things will always be the same: she will always be honest, and I will always be a liar. To her, to my parents, to the world—and to myself.


    Evaluate. Iterate. Repeat. by Starscribe


    Sweetie Belle knows there's something wrong with Ponyville. There should probably be plants growing, and less dirt in the air. Maybe the sun should set every now and then.

    For her, no incongruity is quite as important as her simple mission. She must reach the center of the maze before her body runs down. It's a good thing she has such good friends along to help her.

    The end of magic in Equestria doesn't have to be the end of ponies, not if Sweetie doesn't let it.


    Ponies All the Way Down by ObabScribbler


    Sweetie Belle waits for Rarity to return from a trip to Canterlot. She is desperate for her sister to come home - and desperate for her to stay away, too.

    What a mess.









    The Dream World Record  by Impossible Numbers


    Scootaloo. A name out of the tougher side of history. The Rider. The Speed Demon. The Devil-Made Mare.

    She dreamed of busting barriers. She dreamed big. They say she dreamed bigger than dreams themselves. And then she conquered them.

    The history books say Scootaloo died long ago. But legends live for as long as you tell them. This is the tale that will never die.


    The Once and Future Queen by SaddlesoapOpera


    The Cutie Mark Crusaders and their friends have a mystery on their hooves, and the only clue is a Unicorn mare whose kindness, gentleness and charm seem almost too good to be true. If they can’t discover the truth, all of Ponyville may be in danger.