• 35 of the Best Fanfics to Read for Cutie Mark Crusader Day!

    The fanfiction continues, with 35 more fanfics to read for all you foal-fans out there. These are different than the list last year, so if your favorite isn't here, it might be over there instead. Thanks to Whisper Key for gathering them!

    Go read below.


    Slice of Life




    The Joys of Homework on Hearth’s Warming by Pascoite


    The assignment Miss Cheerilee gave the class should have been simple. But it got Sweetie Belle thinking about her Hearth’s Warming present for Rarity.

    It’s complicated. Maybe Twilight can help.


    The Fault In My Cutie Mark by PonyThunder


    Scootaloo watches Applebloom and Sweetie Belle realize their true potentials, wondering when the same will happen to her, or if it ever will.


    Looking Up by Glimglam


    Sometimes, when Scootaloo feels sad, she looks to the sky for hope. For inspiration. For assurance. She looks up to her future, to her dreams, and to everything else she holds dear. She looks up, because up in the sky, the possibilities are endless.

    But for a filly that can't yet fly, what comfort could the realm of the clouds offer her in the here-and-now?


    Autumn's End by Martian


    A little story of joy found in fallen autumn leaves.


    Free Ride on the Friendship Express by TotalOverflow


    After a big fight between the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Sweetie Belle wonders if she ever had any real friends. When she sees how close her sister and her friends are as they prepare for their vacation, she becomes envious. Wanting to make some new, real friends, she secretly joins them on their vacation.


    The Sidewalks of Noo Yoke by scoots2


    "I can't wait to tell you about my new school! Jeepers, where do I start? So, first day ---"

    So what did happen on that first day?

    Babs meets a fellow blank flank and gets her out of a tough spot. Too bad Applejack never gave her the chance to tell Apple Bloom about it.


    Good Changes, Mostly by Jay Bear v2


    It’s been years since Gabby, an old-timer at the Griffon Kingdom Postal Service, was spry enough to fly a route to Equestria. That means it’s been years since she’s talked with her good friend Spike. A new invention may let her reconnect with Spike, but she learns that won’t be the only change it brings.


    A Fateful Letter by R1FB


    When I saw that letter to Mount Aris, I knew I just had to deliver it immediately! It wasn't an emergency letter or anything, I'd just been wanting to go there ever since its restoration.


    The Spike And Gabby Letters by FabulousDivaRarity


    Spike and Gabby are penpals. These are the letters they wrote to each other. Spans seasons 6-9.


    Babs and the Hearth's Warming Gift by scoots2


    Alicorn Night is the last day of Hearth’s Warming; a time of friendship, family, and forgiveness. So why wasn’t the whole family invited to share it with the Seeds? Babs loves Hearth’s Warming, and she wants to know why. The answer is a sweet but sad chapter of family history she will never forget—but that perhaps she can re-write.









    Rapunzbelle by Violet CLM


    A plan has been made to tell the CMC traditional fairytales as bedtime stories, in order to improve their cultural sophistication. However, the tellers have been embellishing said fairytales to star themselves in central roles: Rarity as Cinderella, and so on. Now it is Fluttershy's turn... and she doesn't think she's up to the task.

    The CMC agree with her there, but they have a plan to help her out, no matter how much unavoidable property damage occurs along the way.


    Life's Cruel, Unfair, and Needs More Cookies by Overlord-Flinx


    The Filly Guides believe in three basic tenets:

    Love your fellow mare.

    Do onto others as you would have them do to you.

    No filly left behind.

    And somewhere between those three would be the rule that any Filly Guide must have all their basic merit badges by the end of their first year. Then again, that rule may be written between the lines of the welcome pamphlet they hand out at orientation. Who can say?

    What can be said is that out of all the little fillies of Troop Two-Oh-One, Tag-A-Long has just one scout short of just one simple badge. Easy-peasy.


    Cutie Mark Crisscross by Everyday


    After yet another failed attempt at getting their cutie marks, the Cutie Mark Crusaders decide it might be time to change their approach. The arrival of Discord seems to be the perfect opportunity to put their new plan into action. But they quickly learn that even a small favor from Discord can yield some very unexpected results. They'll need all the help they can get to fix this mess.

    Sounds like just another day for the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

    This story takes place between the events of "Princess Twilight Sparkle" and "Twilight Time".


    Switchaloo by theworstwriter


    Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo swap bodies. What could possibly go wrong?


    Supper of Scootaloo Stew by Lucky Dreams


    What joy, I've a treat for you:

    A lovely warm dinner of Scootaloo stew.


    It’s sweet and delicious,

    I'm so sinfully kind.

    I left in the hooves,

    I hope you don’t mind.


    Carnivored by Samey90


    Gabby and Gallus go on a quest to find something to eat. Unfortunately for them, citizens of Ponyville seem to have a completely different ideas about food.

    A comedy of a culinary variety.

    Contains mild gore, absolutely no vore, only about 6% of fat. Gluten-free. May contain trace amount of peanuts.


    The Whole Tooth by theworstwriter


    When you lose a tooth, you put it under your pillow. Then, in the dead of night while you slumber, the Tooth Fairy comes to take your tooth and gives you some money in exchange. This is a simple and harmless procedure.

    ...Or at least it's supposed to be. The Cutie Mark Crusaders don't know the meaning of "simple and harmless."









    Freeze by BronyWriter


    One night as Apple Bloom is trying to sleep, she thinks she hears... something in the distance. A light is on in the CMC Clubhouse. She goes to investigate, and what she finds shivering in the snow will change her life forever.


    Do You Want to Hear a Scary Story? by BlueColton


    Do you want to hear a scary story?

    You do? Oh…well…okay. You’re the first pony I asked who didn’t turn me away. Most just looked at me funny, or just told me to get lost. A lot of ponies don’t like scary stories. I know I don’t.

    What? Oh, I guess I should introduce myself. My name’s Scootaloo.


    Silent Night by Fabby


    Apple Bloom can't fall asleep. The house is making those noises again, the ones it only makes when she's home alone.


    Scared in a Normal Cave by toxbox


    After becoming trapped in a cave, the CMC must find their way out.

    Loosely inspired by Ted's Caving Page.


    Grogar: A Hearth's Warming Horror Story by Jade Ring


    The winter’s wind is blowing hard.

    The air is thick and white.

    All good foals should hide their heads

    Because HE comes tonight.

    Hooks and chains and ringing bells

    Are among HIS favorite toys.

    Screams and cries and filly’s tears

    Are things that HE enjoys.

    HE comes tonight not to give,

    HE comes tonight to take

    So you’d better be good, my little one

    If only for goodness sake.

    Tonight the stars will hide their eyes,

    The good shall make no sound.

    For tonight is Hearth’s Warming Eve,

    And GROGAR is coming to town.


    We'll Never Be Far Apart by PonyThunder


    Apple Bloom wants to learn more about her parents' life story after their marriage, and Volume 138 of the Apple family history provides the answers. But not the ones she wanted.


    Tangled Roots by Bad_Seed_72


    The Cutie Mark Crusaders know that Babs Seed was bullied back in Manehatten, but how bad could things really have been? And how does Babs feel about returning to the city and the ponies who have hurt her the most?


    Fat by The Elusive Badgerpony


    They say all it takes is one bad day to throw an entire life out of whack.

    Babs Seed hasn't had very many good days.

    This is one of the worst ones.









    Pushing His Buttons by Sparkler


    It's a rainy day in Ponyville, and Button Mash is spending it like he spends any other day - gaming. But Babs Seed needs a place to crash while she waits out the rainstorm, and his basement is as warm as anywhere. In the process of making herself at home, Babs gets cozy - much to Button's discomfort.


    Cute Without The "E" by Regidar


    "There's this building, see? Half finished and all, and it's where I like to go most afternoons to watch the city."

    Apple Bloom comes to visit Babs Seed in Manehatten, and ends up with something a bit larger than life.


    Applejack Doesn't Know Wood Comes From Trees by totallynotabrony


    Gabby Griffon realizes that with all the things she did to get a cutie mark, she never attempted a relationship.

    Even as good as Gabby is at everything, getting someone special to spend the holidays with isn’t exactly straightforward.

    In fact, it might take risking her life for reasons that don’t make any sense.


    On the Complicated Logistics of Kissing Beaks by FamousLastWords


    Spike and Gabby have been dating for a few weeks, and everything is great! In their short time together, they’ve found that they click on so many more levels than they did as friends. There is never an awkward moment between them, and now that they’re on the third date, it’s time to take it to the next level: The kiss.

    The mere thought of it fills Spike with nerves, but not of the excited kind. Instead of anticipation, all he feels is dread. He wants to kiss her. He needs to kiss her. There’s just one little problem.

    He doesn’t know how to kiss a beak.









    Critical and Apathetic by Tranquil Serenity


    Sweetie Belle hasn't come home yet, it's getting dark, and her older sister is worried. Where is she? Is she alright? What happened to her? And just what will Rarity do when her questions are answered?


    If You Give a Little Love... by Quillamore


    Years ago, Coco Pommel rescued a young laborer in Manehattan's textile district when she was on a delivery shift for Suri. Realizing that every reformed villain or assistant needs a project, she sets out to adopt the filly, Babs Seed, as soon as Rarity leaves Manehattan. But between her daughter's troubled past, bitter relatives, and a disputing producer and director on her Bridleway set, Coco soon finds that giving love--and getting it--may be harder than anypony ever imagined...especially when it comes to forgiving herself.









    Cuts Too Deeply by scifipony


    I had come from Hooflyn to visit Apple Bloom because my cousin had written me about her cutie mark nightmare. Though my golden scissor could cut only one thing, my special talent called in to question everything; whether I was adopted, if I was an Earth pony, if I was willing to take responsibility for the life of the strangers around me. It made my life a waking nightmare. I wanted to talk to Apple Bloom so I could decide whether to keep my cutie mark… or remove it.









    The Scootaloo Switcheroo by Impossible Numbers


    Rainbow Dash wakes up to an odd winter heatwave, but at least Scootaloo wants to play with her. By the end of the day, she's fighting her way through a nightmare blizzard. And only one question burns through her mind: WHERE'S THE REAL SCOOTALOO!?


    The Snowball Fight by zaponator


    "There is only one rule: If you get hit, you're out."

    Apple Bloom is dragged into an all-out civil war between the students of Ponyville Elementary, and soon enough the Crusaders are the only ones left to stand against a seemingly unstoppable evil.


    Winterheart by Carabas


    Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night shall stay the messengers of Griffonstone's postal service from their sacred duty. Not even when it's the worst winter in a lifetime, and when the entirety of Griffonstone's postal service consists of Gabby.

    Primordial wrath-eating demons of winter might stay her from her sacred duty. Might.