• The G5 Series Boards and Concepts Were Probably Fake


    It's possibly that we may have been fooled, fandom! Over the past few weeks, an artist has been posting boards and teasers of a "Stallion do well" character (among other things) labeled as "2022 My Little Pony Series", citing that he is involved at the company working on it, Atomic Cartoons. We've been told by a trusted inside source there that he has, in fact, never worked at the company. There are of course other possibilities here, as Hasbro and Netflix have many moving parts, but for now we can at least say when it comes to the series Atomic Cartoons is currently working on, this has nothing to do with it.

    The weebly site he was uploading to was taken offline yesterday. For now, you can find the posts over at the Generation 5 series tag with warnings, though they will lose the label soon.