• APPLEJACK Music: Koron Korak - Applejack is so Busy at the Farm [Countryrock]

    Pony music in its purest form, this new fan work by Koron is all about Applejack's antics in S06E10 Applejack's "Day" Off, to celebrate Applejack Day! It was actually made for that of last year, and I'm so glad that it's seeing the light of day now. I immediately recognized the inspiration from Applejack's Theme in Fighting is Magic's OST without looking at the description, and this new Soundtrack-like beauty is as lovely as it gets, with the Country banjo as AJ's signature, as well as the guitar and of course the violin performed by the musician himself at the farm while AJ is being cute, as you will be able to see in the video! I just love works like these made with love so much!!