• More Concept Art and Behind-The-Scenes Factoids (Brony stuff!) from My Little Pony: A New Generation Artists!

    The constant release of background information from the movie continues! If you want to catch up on all of these, check out our concept art tag!

    Today we have two more artists releasing their work on Instagram, along with much more extensive descriptions of everything. This includes a bit about Sunny's "Brony stuff", with a spike plushie, lots of mane 6 merch, and more.

    Head on down below for it all!

    Veronica Alvarez Art:

    Description of everything:

    During the production they were some changes and things Director wanted to do on different sets, one of then was Sunny's bedroom when she was a kid and an Adult. They wanted to show the personality of Sunny on this set so they told me to do a redesign of the things that were already approved.
    So I took the structure and most of the furniture that Fabia and Amantine did and try to give a new look to the bedroom adding toys, things we can see in a kid Bedroom. I started doing some sketches looking for those elements and the composition, then did a color study and in this case I'm showing you the art I did by applying some lighting. Once the concept is approved we need to add some detail to those props, think about the material that they are made of and design all the graphic design, so the people in the modeling and surface/shading department should know what they need to do in 3D. I did the design of both sides, but finally on the movie we see only one side, so they took most of the elements near the door and place then where we can see it on the camara, what as you may see the elements are the same ;) I was super happy to work on this set because I love decoration kid's room hehe so I hope you like the final result too :) More things to show soon! 

    And an interesting response about "brony things" in the room:

    P.R.Mayer Art:

    Interesting blurb from their instagram description: 

    Just to mix things up a bit, here are some of the Lighthouse early concept explorations and sketches I’ve done over time in the movie. Some are very rough and simple, just to get across some ideas to brief the design team or as talking points with the Directors. I use to do these funny quickly sketches (last panel) to help figuring out those moments but more important, to capturing the tone of the movie as we were moving into full production and wanted the look and feel to be FUN, especially in the first few sequences. Our brilliant design team did loads of more in depth and refined design work of Sunny’s and Argile’s house. Also this was a set were we put LOADS of easter eggs and elements from G4 :) 

    Thanks to Sweet Notes for the heads up!