• Continuation on the Alternate World Where Sunny Think's She Accidently Got Rid of Magic - Complete with Song Boards!

    The other day we posted a storyboard from a concept the movie staffers explored where Sunny thinks she's at fault for the Earth ponies losing their magic and electricity. This is a continuation on that, complete with a song!

    Head on down below to check it out! I would be interesting if the fandom took this up and animated it some day.

    From Joascha Van Deijk on Instagram:
    Some more beat boards from My Little Pony: a New Generation. These follow the scene from my previous post. Once Sunny gets the idea to “borrow” the unicorns’ stone to get the earth ponies their magic (and electricity) back she makes her way to the wall that enclosed Maretime Bay. At this point there was the plan to have an ‘I will fix this’ song here. (Which was kind of the ‘I want’ song where Sunny dreamed of being popular and accepted )My idea for this was to have this scene at night so we could see the ponies dealing with the blackout. That’s Sprout at the end trying and failing to stop Sunny from jumping the wall.

    Thanks to OrangeFlower for the heads up!