• The Sun Sets on Summer - Sunset Shimmer Day!


    My Little Pony Sunset Shimmer Day Author Calpain

    With the end of another summer that means along with the cooler weather around the corner we also have a day to celebrate everyone's favorite bacon horse, Sunset Shimmer! The saving grace for some when it comes to Equestria Girls, Sunset has her own large and loving following so today we are going to dedicate some posts just to her!

    As always with our appreciation days, make sure to check back throughout the day for a variety of posts with Sunny content. If you still need to send your own in, please do so before 12pm PST by sending an email to submit@equestriadaily.com with Sunset Day in the subject line followed by the media you are submitting.

    Example: Sunset Day - Comics

    We hope you all enjoy! Have fun, gang!

    Twitter: Calpain