• New G5 Interviews with Voice Actresses Liza Koshy, Kimioko Glenn, and Vanessa Hudgens Appear!

    Generation 5 brings on a host of new talent, and we are just starting to get to know them via all of these trailers and clips that Hasbro has them included in. Unlike G4, putting the faces forward front-and-center seems to be their strategy, so these guys are getting tons of spotlight around the internet from various interviewers asking them about their work on My Little Pony: A New Generation.

    Head on down below to check three of them out!

    [1] Source

    Vanessa Hudgens by FOX 5 New York

    [2] Source

    Liza Koshy & Kimiko Glenn INTERVIEW & REVIEW My Little Pony A New Generation by Fahnia Thomas

    [3] Source

    Vanessa Hudgens talks voicing Sunny in Netflix's My Little Pony: A New Generation by blackfilmandtv

    [4] Source

    Kimiko Glenn Interview - September 19 2021 Build a Bear Radio (Missing first minute or so) by G5 MLP

    Thanks to SweetNotes for the heads up