• Singapore's Early My Little Pony: A New Generation Screening Includes Limited Edition Pony Bags

    September 19th is the date to keep an eye out for when it comes to major spoilers from the Generation 5 pony movie. We reported on Singapore and a few other countries getting early access to it via theatrical releases, and these guys are right up there in the front.

    Apparently it's going even further than that though, with a free, limited-edition pony bag of either Sunny or Izzy with purchase of a ticket. I've popped full size pictures of both of them below.

    It's a shame it's not getting a world-wide theatrical release, but we will probably be compiling up meetups for in-person viewing with friends if that sounds like something you'd likee to do. Keep an eye out for that post in the next few days! For now, go check out the bags below.

    Thanks to thedriveintheatre for the heads up