• Discussion: Do You Think G4 Got Too Dark?

    The first season of Friendship is Magic was pretty much entirely composed of 6 mares preparing to go to a big party in Canterlot. There were monsters and creatures galore, but for the most part the entire thing was very lighthearted and much less serious than what we got as the show progressed through the years.

    While many of us were perfectly fine with the progression into more adult topics, some die-hards are all about that early season feel-good style. Going back and watching through it, the problems were small and the enemies much less devious.

    On the more extreme side of things, a few people think the show went too far. Would you agree with their sentiment? Or do you think we got just far enough into the "dark side" of life and that a mix of slice-of-life cute stuff coupled with library shattering explosions was a good thing?