• Pony Concept-powered Compilation Album: Equestrian Terror Corps - COREQUESTRIA Vol. 2: Canterlot

    It's here, the highly-awaited continuation of Equestrian Terror Corps' pony compilation album series "COREQUESTRIA"! The traveling band aimed for the "city of rich ponies" as some may put it, but it's also the city where Celestia lives! (Are they back from their vacation yet?) And to please her and instruct her about all the positive and interesting subgenres of Hardcore, the musicians assembled this compilation album, now shared with the whole community. Let's try to imagine what she must have felt listening to all this! Everypony check out that lovely description on Bandcamp, and go give kudos to the musicians for their hard work and wonderful ideas!! (Loving the detail of the ETC logo on the moon on this cover art!)

    Download the pony compilation album from Bandcamp here!