• Everfree Encore 2021 Online Event This Weekend

    Everfree Encore 2021 will take place in Uslar, Germany this weekend. But for those who cannot attend in person there will be an online event held on YouTube or in PonyTown.

    Find the information below the break!

    After way too long, Everfree Encore is finally back to rock the barn! And even if you don't make it in person to Uslar, Germany, you still can join and rock with us - Either via our YouTube live stream or in PonyTown. Find all the Links down below:

    Everfree Encore 2021 💿 Friday | DJ Night
    Everfree Encore 2021 ♫ Sunday
    Pony Town - Starting Friday, 11:00 (UTC): https://event.pony.town

    We are more than happy to welcome a great bunch of talented musicians and DJs at Everfree Encore - Featuring: Friday (DJ Night):
    • AnNy Tr3e
    • Tw3lv3
    • Javier
    • Waranto Wingbeat
    • DJ Direkt
    • Cyril The Wolf
    • Prince Whateverer
    • Coltastrophe
    • Blackened Blue
    • Melody Brony
    • Agatan
    • Z95

    Full Timetable: https://everfree-encore.eu/en/timetable/