• First Post-Movie Fan Song!! Luck Rock - We're Meant to be Friends [Rock]

    I got around to watch the movie (2 times, and I LOVED it), and that means I can now check out the awesome early fan songs that have been made about it already!! Luck Rock wins the trophy of making the first fan song after watching the movie this time around, and I couldn't be more pleased considering that he's my favorite rock musician in the whole community, and that he made such a LOVELY fan song encompassing the spirit of the movie so well!! Songs like these, made in reponse to passion felt, are exactly why I'm here!! Fellow fans expressing their passion and love for the characters, using the means at their disposal! Come melt with me along Luck's irresistible and heartfelt vocals, and let's headbang to these powerful and genuine guitar riffs! And that warm bass, I just love it! It carries Luck's feelings so well!
    And by the way, here's my own reactions to the movie. 46 pages of thoughts, screenshots, and a resolve to change this world by spreading values of Friendship and Love like Sunny did in the movie!!