• Editorial: Possible Stories for G5

    Sup brahs? This is FlareGun45 here, and I recently just finished watching My Little Pony: The New Generation! This gives alota thinkin’ to what kinda stories we might get during the new series! This first movie didn’t just introduce us to a distant future of Equestria with brand new characters, it also brought new story opportunities for the main series, alota foreshadowing. Plus, some other possible stories that wasn’t foreshadowed, but might happen anyway!

    So after the break, let’s talk about some possible stories that may appear in the main series of G5!

    How are the Mane Five and Mane Six connected?

    So there are some possibilities of the new Mane Five to be descendants of the Mane Six, but not all of them, maybe not any of them, but some of the Mane Five have been shown to have some traits that matched the Mane Six. The first thing that is highly noticeable is Hitch, and the fact that animals seem to be very attracted to him. He may be an Earth pony, but rarely do we see anypony lucky enough to have the blessings of being very attractive towards animals like Fluttershy, and Hitch seems to be the only other pony who has it.

    Even if Hitch isn’t a blood-relative of Fluttershy, he does seem to be the next in line to have the trait. As we know of, Fluttershy did not have a relationship with another pony - it was nodded that Discord
    may be Fluttershy’s special somedraconequus, but then Hitch would have traits of chaotic magic or something within him, not be just full pony. So odds are, he’s just blessed with Fluttershy’s magic.

    Izzy is shown to have the same personality traits as Pinkie Pie, hyper, clueless, super friendly. She could this make her descendant of Pinkie Pie? Who knows? Same with Zipp being a descendant of Rainbow Dash. If many generations have gone by since the original Mane Six, then of course color coats and race could very well be different. Hey, if the Cake Twins are both different than their parents, then this is really not far-fetched.

    Pipp shares traits from Rarity, although her mom seems to be more connected to Rarity’s personality than her, and just like Izzy, it’s a race change from unicorn to pegasus. Sunny definitely shares alot of traits with Twilight Sparkle, but she is never shown getting in a relationship at all either (unless Flash Sentry eventually came into the picture), and the generation spread so far that Sunny turned out to be an earth pony. She does have the leadership skills of Twilight though!

    No pony seemed to match Applejack’s description, and we didn’t get another dragon as of yet to succeed Spike, so there’s alot to cover here on whether or not how connected these new main characters are to the old main characters, whether it’s blood-related or just spiritual successors. Especially Hitch for that matter having Fluttershy’s animal sense. Hmmm… could he have
    The Stare as well?

    How did the conflict between the ponies even start? Why did the magic disappear?

    We know full well that Sunny has fixed whatever catastrophic event that occurred in Equestria that made the three pony cultures separate, but why did they even separate in the first place? What has happened that has undone everything that Clover the Clever and the other pony tribes started, and then has been perfected by the Mane Six and their friends?

    It’s not only ‘why’ did these happen, there’s also the question of ‘how’, and by that matter: ‘when’? Did all this happen within the supervision of Princess Twilight Sparkle, or could this have been done by a successor of her? We still dunno how long it’s been since the events of Friendship is Magic.

    As you can see, technology has really evolved since the events of FIM! There are cell phones, TVs, computers, internet, killer robots - not so renaissance like it used to be. It’s so far into the future that nopony even remembers the Mane Six, except for Sunny and her dad. We also dunno how long it’s been since magic disappeared, except for Izzy saying “many moons ago”, but that doesn’t really explain alot.

    Where did the Windigoes go?

    In the FIM era, whenever the three pony cultures fought, there were
    Windigoes, but for some reason, there weren’t this time. So I wonder if the disappearance of the magic has something to do with defeating the Windigoes without using friendship? Could restoring the magic have consequences? 

    Everypony seemed fine with the magic returning as well, like no one was nervous about being able to fly for the first time or spitting out magic outta their horns for the first time. Some ponies could be so used to working with their hooves that the change might come as unnatural to them. We didn’t see it, but those ponies could exist.

    What happened to the non-pony cultures?

    Of course this question couldn’t be answered in the first movie, since the ponies were more paranoid amongst eachother, they probably weren’t even thinking about the existence of griffins, dragons, changelings, yaks (smash), hippogriffs, Kirins, crystal ponies, etc. If they were so afraid of eachother, imagine how they’d feel if they came across one of these creatures?

    Do these creatures still exist though? That’s another question. Whatever started the separation between the ponies, did these cultures fall in the middle of it all and became extinct/endangered, or did they cut themselves off so much from pony kind they started their own lives by themselves?

    Also wanna think about how their cultures might’ve evolved. Crystal ponies might be so magically advanced that they became gods, or Yaks have moved on to the sea rather than stay in one location, or the dragons became non-violent but became smarter, and maybe the hippogriffs are in cyro-sleep in an ark. Since so much has changed with the ponies, it’s a wonder how much has changed with everyone else.

    How about their relationship with Equestria? Maybe they’re more afraid of the ponies than the ponies could be afraid of them. Whatever has happened might’ve made strained their relationship with Equestria. Maybe they even FORGOT that ponies even existed since they were separated from ponykind for so long.

    More about the history of the Mane Five (and Zephyr Heights)

    We know that Sunny’s dad has passed away, but never once did Sunny mention her mom. Does she remember her mom, or was she so young? I don’t think I saw any pictures of her mom - is the Dad ashamed of her, or maybe just hiding her from the public, or did she die from childbirth? Maybe her mom is still alive and knows something about her husband that Sunny doesn’t even know? How close was Sunny to Hitch?

    Speaking of Hitch, other than his keen animal attractiveness, what made Hitch wanna become a sheriff, what started his connection with Sunny, or his connection with Sprout for that matter? There could be some character development from Sprout as well, or maybe he’s still a jerk. No one called him out for the mess he made, let alone had any consequence for it.

    Izzy lives alone, and she seems to hint that she doesn’t have any friends. She never really said so, but I could tell by the look on her face that she really wanted friendship, which is why she went looking for Sunny after getting her note. What happened to
    her parents?

    With Zipp and Pipp, we can learn a bit about their sisterly relationship, what makes them different, and learn a bit about their history together as sisters, as well as being princesses. If Zipp is destined to be the next Queen, then apparently she’s the older sister. Could we get a Thor/Loki style story at all with Pipp being jealous? Maybe Zipp doesn’t even want to be Queen, so Pipp can take the job, but maybe their mom is so strict on tradition it might not work out so easily.

    How about the Zepyhr Heights itself, including the palace? I’ve been getting alot of Canterlot Palace vibes from that place. The new Equestria map seems to hint that Zephyr Heights used to be Canterlot, which would explain the stain-class windows and the story of the gems. 

    There could be history on Bridlewood as well, I get a bit of Everfree Forest vibes from that place, but the magic drained out.

    Could any characters from Generation 4 be still alive?

    Like her dad, Sunny wants to know more about the history of her favorite ponies, but there’s no bigger history lesson she could get than from someone that actually lived in that era. This was a loooooong time ago though, so the ponies from back then are long gone. However, there are some characters that are either immortal or live long lives.

    Meghan McCarthy said that Twilight is not immortal, but that could easily change in the series - although she plays more as a ‘Starswirl the Bearded’ type of character - so I personally wouldn’t want her to actually appear in the series. She coulda easily sacrificed herself to save pony kind during the dark times, mighta been the one that stopped the magic, but this is all theory.

    The fate of the Crystal Empire is unknown, but if there’s a chance that it is still around, Princess Flurry Heart could return, and we could see her personality in adult form. Celestia and Luna on the other hand, with their retirement, their time is pretty much up, so I highly doubt we’d see them.

    Discord having a new form (and voice) for G5?

    I’ve been thinking about Discord, and I dunno for sure if he’d come back since I don’t think John de Lancie would return to voice him yet-again. We can pretty much guess how Discord mighta felt after losing Fluttershy, that he coulda let himself disappear (similiar to Discordant Harmony) or he sealed himself in the Chaos Dimension. If by any chance he would return, I would like to think that he ‘regenerated’, like a Time Lord. He changed his look and his voice, maybe Discord becomes female! New life means new form, I would like to think he’d do something like that!

    Of course let’s not forget my favorite character in FIM: Spike! Every generation of MLP that had a show has a Spike in it, since this is the same universe as FIM, it’s an easy guess that perhaps the same Spike we knew and loved from the past could very well return! As confirmed in Campfire Tales, Dragon Lord Torch was a full-grown dragon even in the Starswirl Era, which means dragons can live for thousands of years!

    Dragons tend to have a loooooong life!

    If there’s ANYONE that could help Sunny with her research about the past - Old Man Spike could very much do it! However, I don’t expect him to be same dragon he used to be - the years might not be so kind to him. Similar to Captain Rex in Star Wars: Rebels, I expect Spike to be living alone as a hermit, pretty much given up on everything he believed in. 

    He could very well blame himself for what happened, and being alone without Twilight’s company, or outliving everyone he knew and loved (except for a few like Smolder and Ember). This could, however, start a beautiful friendship between him and Sunny - as they both pretty much lost someone dear to them, but Sunny hasn’t given up, and maybe she could prove to him that he doesn’t either.

    He wouldn’t return as a main character, of course, more like a guest character to help guide and give advice to the new generation of restoring Equestria to its former glory! If not him, then maybe he has a child or grandchild that could be his successor to the ponies!

    A new dragon to act as Spike's successor?

    Learning more about the different pony cultures

    I’ve been thinking about this today, the day I’m making this editorial, maybe some things of pony past has not been completely forgotten, stuff like Hearth’s Warming. Of course between the earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns - they might each have their own different versions of Hearth’s Warming, or different holidays themselves. Could very well be a reference to our world, since each of us have different holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa - and maybe how each of the ponies could celebrate their own holidays in their own special way, and maybe celebrate and try out new things together!

    I heard there’s a new G5 special coming up, but it’s a rumor right now. I’d like to think that the special is actually a Holiday special!

    Equestria is a big place, and there might be quite a few places in Equestria that the ponies have not yet explored - maybe some old ruins of Ponyville or the Tree of Harmony. Maybe there are small towns around Equestria that still feel that they should only be hanging out with their own, or maybe some towns that have each of the three ponies living together even before Sunny wanted it to happen.

    I already have the feeling that Zephyr Heights is Canterlot, and Bridlewood is Everfree Forest. What happened to Vanhoover, Manehattan, Las Pegasus, Appaloosa? Could there still be ponies living outside the main Equestria zone? The ponies we seen in the movies are shown not to travel, but there could very well be some that didn’t want to stay and would want to see the world, and maybe discovered more than Sunny and her friends did in this movie.


    Tree of Harmony?

    That New Generation movie seems to be only the beginning of what we could see this world give for our entertainment! This show has the potential to exceed even Friendship is Magic, depending on what route the devs wanna go.

    Is it gonna be like FIM, a bit of a balance between Slice of Life and Adventure? Will episodes be their own, or more story arc based? Will there be multi-part episodes, not only in the premiere and finale, but maybe in the middle of the season - maybe the whole season could be one big story arc, and not many filler episodes? How many seasons will we get, and how many episodes each season?

    Don't forget that apparent 'Tree of Harmony' cameo in the movie - could play a major part in the future!

    I’d like to see what you’d wanna see for this new series in the comments! Hope you enjoyed this editorial, brahs! Hugs all around!