• Discussion: You've Been Teleported to Equestria and Transformed Into a Pony, but No One Knows! What Do You Do?

    You wake up one day in Applejacks barn, and when you go to scratch your head in confusion, you realize you no longer have any fingers! You have become a pony! Depending on what kind of pony fan you are, this is either a nightmare scenario or the best thing ever.

    A startled Applejack finds you about 10 minutes later poking around trying to figure out how the hell walking works, and shouts something about "Durn vagabonds thinkin' they can stay rent free!", chasing you into Ponyville proper. Despite your shouts of "I'm not actually a pony!" you are completely ignored. In fact, everypony thinks you are just crazy. "Earth? Like an Earth pony? Sure anon, that's what you are." followed by eye-rolls is about all you get. It looks like it's time to either figure out how to blend in, or finally convince them that you are, in fact, an alien from another world.

    What do you do in this situation? Discuss below!