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    Leadership and New Generations
    By Storm

    In my last soapbox, I talked about how Twilight became ruler and left a legacy and mentioned I would talk about Celestia, the next generation, and leadership in my next soapbox. I also want to say that some might disagree with me here, but these are my thoughts of what I’m going to talk about. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    When you’re young, you admire someone and see them as a hero. Twilight admired Celestia and Starswirl The Bearded. She looked up to them. We all have different heroes growing up in different eras, and we want to be just like them. But as we all know, they aren’t always going to stick around forever, and it’s up to someone to step in and be the new hero. And they will be admired by another new generation.

    For Celestia and Luna, while it is true that they are immortal and they could keep running the kingdom, they could change at any time and not be good anymore. Let’s say they rule for 2,000 more years without turning evil, they would get bored and suffer a lot from seeing the ponies they know pass away. Discord would still be there, true. But he would also be upset with Fluttershy’s death. Whether you ship them or see them as friends, they still had a good bond together.

    When it comes to leadership, you can’t just choose or become a leader just because you want to. Being a good leader means being selfless, compassion, choosing wise decisions, and a balance of brains and brawn. That also includes when choosing a successor. Without these things, a community can fall apart or worse. It’s not just looking out only for your community, but others as well. To show that you are peaceful and support each other. Something that Celestia could’ve done during +1,000 years as ruler.

    As I mentioned in my last soapbox, Twilight was mostly responsible of getting a lot of other creatures to be friends. Twilight is young and has a fresh mind. Celestia is old and so is her mind. Sometimes when choosing a new leader or successor, you want a person who has a fresh mind. We want the new generations to be stronger than the last in order to do something extraordinary. Of course, it also depends on how they were taught and raised. I’m not saying the new generation is going to be better than the old generation all the time. There have been instances where the old generation won. I’m just making examples for these.

    Now, it’s still unclear of how Equestria is split in G5, but I will make a short theory in my next one. But for this though, newer generations grow smarter and stronger overtime. Twilight Sparkle was a unicorn who at first didn’t think friendship was worth a time. Sunny Starscout is an Earth Pony who wants all three races to be friends and live in harmony.

    Until next time, have a good day.


    What Can We Expect out of Sunny and Izzy's Relationship?
    By: Focuspixel

    It's no secret that Izzy and Sunny are already being shipped off in the fandom, but outside of screencaps that don't show any kind of real love going on, the concept is still in the domain of fans. One thing is for sure, making something like that canon would definitely shake things up for the My Little Pony brand. Something that Hasbro could definitely use to set itself apart and rise up above generation 4. It wouldn't even be that bizaare if it did happen, with shows like Owl House making their main characters lesbians without any real stigma attatched in-universe. I really do think it would make for a much more entertaining show.

    Of course we have Zipp as the butch character, but having girly characters play that role would be something special indeed.

    No Magic Means Mass Extinction
    By: ManaMinori

    There have been confirmations that g5 takes place in the future of g4, where it says that the era of g5 is now “ancient Equestria”. Now, given the premise of g5, which states that magic is now nonexistent between the tribes of ponies, this concerns me greatly. Why? Well, you see, the implications of the premise suggest that the tribes have been separated for a while- at least long enough to have fostered doubt and mistrust among each of the pony races- earth, Pegasi, and unicorns, and enough time for that hate and mistrust and fear to evolve into effective propaganda- as we saw in the movie poster backgrounds of the g5 clips, and in the very real manifestation of that fear in the entire seaside town of earth ponies to be sent into a panic by the sight of one unicorn.

    Now, if the tribe separation and lack of magic between them have indeed been established for a long time, this leads me to wonder….how in the wide world of Equestria is there still life? How are the ponies, and plants and animals still alive? How is there still weather, and day, and night? We’ve seen the ponies literally in charge of everything that functions in their world, in g4- to feeding animals, building their homes, and ensuring they migrate through magic, to changing the seasons through magic, altering the day and night cycles through magic, and ensuring crops grow…through magic. Perhaps all this is detrimental to the world in general, because it is so heavily reliant on their magic to operate, and if…in Izzy’s own world, it suddenly “poofs” away, and stays gone for hundreds, thousands, or however amount of years for g4 to be considered “ancient” by the g5 timeline, then how has the world functioned? How has it sustained life of every living thing? How has it managed weather and day cycles, without pony magic? By all intents and purposes, the entire world of g5 should be looking like the lifeless barren desert wasteland that Twilight showed Starlight Glimmer, in “the Cutie Remark- part 2”!

    I’m sure life would continue on as normal (with the exception of day/night) for the non-pony lands beyond Equestria, since their regions are not controlled by and entirely dependent on pony magic and thus would not be effected by the disappearance of it. Would the pony lands become a barren dead zone because their world has been stripped of all its natural forces and replaced by an entirely magically dependent system for so long?

    How have not just pony races, plants and animals, but non pony species been surviving in g5 without a magically maneuvered sun and moon? How have they not cooked or frozen to death, if magic just poofed out of existence and been that way for who knows how many generations? The only way I can think of is if the world “righted” itself, to function in a more natural way, much like how the g4 Everfree forest (and non pony lands) operate- with animals and plants taking care of themselves. And weather being maintained in its own. Perhaps also, the sun and moon being drawn back into their normal gravitational orbits?

    How do you guys think life has been sustained in G5’s Equestria (and by extension, non pony lands) without magic existing in their world?


    Cozy Glow and Flurry Heart
    By: FlareGun45

    So there are quite a few relationships that had potential in the show, but never happened, and I believe the fandom really made a breakthrough with this one dynamic duo that seems to come so natural to me! The duo being Cozy Glow and Flurry Heart!

    Why do these two look so natural together? Well, for starters, they're both pretty young, even if Cozy and Flurry do have quite a bit of an age-gap; but what REALLY makes them seem like an awesome duo is that they're both evil! >:3 We all know Cozy is evil, but look at Flurry Heart, after she whails so loud she breaks the crystal heart, and then she giggles at it - and let's not forget what she did in Best Gift Ever with Twilight's pudding! If Flurry isn't exactly evil, she's definitely got alot of mischief, something Cozy Glow also has, and Discord too of course, but we're not talking about him.

    I'm pretty sure the Villain Trio won't always be statues - hey, if Discord eventually earned his freedom by being reformed, the rest of them can too. If not Chrysalis and Tirek, then Cozy, at least. I mean, we have no idea what her backstory is; and I really believe Flurry Heart might lead to Cozy's reformation in someway shape or from. Not only would this give Cozy Glow some development, but Flurry as well, leading her to become the Princess she's destined be. Using her idol's method of befriending a changeling and leading to him being accepted in pony society, Flurry can do the same exact thing with Cozy.

    Since Cozy and Flurry both have a very mischief nature, maybe they can understand eachother, have some sorta sisterly bond. Use their mischief natures to do good, cause at times, devilish personalities have their uses! So maybe those two can work pretty dang well together! Or... maybe the trouble will lead to double.... who knows?

    What do the rest of yous think on that?