• New Pinkamena Party Compilation Album: I Left My Protégé In Generation IX

    New Pinkamena Party compilation album everypony! Yes, it's that time again! And this one has a lovely story hook involving Luster Dawn written by Supersaw Hoover and Cii! Awesomely it's quite long, and if you want a summary:

    "Due to overshooting a spell a fair bit due to her own impatience, Luster Dawn is now stranded in the farthest reaches of the future, worlds and realities and universes away from her home of the epilogue of G4, all the way in G9!!!
    What strange things (and sounds) does she see and hear? Who does she meet? What does she do? Who are the ponies of G9???
    There's only one certainty: IT'S REALLY WEIRD."

    On the menu: awesome musical experiments, use of pony vocal samples, cute pony lyrics, and all the things you love in Pinkamena Party albums! And as stated in the description, proceeds from this album will be donated to causes for social/racial justice via ActBlue.
    Shoutouts to lengthy shoutouts!

    Download the compilation album from Bandcamp here!