• Equestria Girls Lost and Pound Follow Up


    It’s that time again where a battle of the odds happens in the comments over best ending. Actually I don’t think that ever happens. You guys are just too awesome for that. But we still get an interesting set up for a little lost puppy and what’s best to do for her. There are laughs, heartbreak, and mud. Lots and lots of mud. If I were to give this short a moral, it would be to be kind to all animals when in need. Either that or make sure you have a friend who can talk to animals on standby. Let’s get this puppy rollin’. (I’m sorry)


    You know I forget sometimes that this is the Twilight who also shunned friendship for studies and probably didn’t experience things like themed food trucks. With punny names like Weak in the Cheese, Bye Focaccia, and Lasagna Pop, I guess it’s bound to happen that Sci Twi would be into fun names. Though I don’t know about Lasagna Pop. Doesn’t sound like anyone would go to a stand like that.


    Well…I’ll stand corrected, I guess. At least Fluttershy and Twilight were just as confused by this, too.

    Well it looks like our pup in question is in fact lost and not looking her most cuddly with all that mud on her. But with Fluttershy I’m sure she’d be in great hands. But I don’t mind taking a look at the other options. If they can be just as entertaining as going straightforward with the girl who talks to animals, it might come out on top.

    Fluttershy Option

    Well can’t get any obvious than the girl with magic pony powers who talks to animals with magic gems from magic land of magic ponies. Have I used “magic” enough? Trying to get a free ice cream cone. So since we’re getting the information straight from the horse’s…or dog’s…mouth. What do we find out?

    Ok didn’t expect this turn of events to happen. Not only do we get to see PostCrush’s Su-Z back, we also get to ponder if this was before, during or after the events of Sunset’s Backstage Pass. Let’s not forget that even if the girl’s relived the same day over and over again, the only one that knew about it was Sunset Shimmer. I want to think maybe this was after when things are a little calmer and the girls seem to have been here a while since Sunset’s Backstage Pass showed the girls arriving at the music festival site. But leave it to the “zany one” to have the cutest and fluffiest pup ever.

    Rarity: “Oh… that was easy.”

    Yeah you forget how convenient things can be when you’re superpowered teenagers. I probably have talked about how over powered some of these powers were, especially some having more active powers useful for combat than others. Rainbow Dash’s super speed, Applejack’s super strength, Pinkie Pie’s explosive sprinkles, Rarity’s diamond force field, and Twilight’s telekinesis are obviously the flashier powers while Sunset’s mind reading and Fluttershy’s animal talents are more case by case. I like when each one gets to shine in their own way, but this was Fluttershy’s win all around.

    And now that the crisis is swiftly averted, Spike gets on to the real matter at hand. What food truck to eat at. And sweet Luna are these names tastefully bad. Wrap-solutly, Forgive and Baguette, Poke Me Poke You, Winnie the Pu Pu Platter. Honestly, my vote would probably be for Wrap-solutly. Give me a chicken Caesar wrap with lots of dressing and I’m set. Well this option was at least short, sweet, and to the point. Now how about something more inventive.

    Rarity Option

    Well…already starting out interesting. Maybe wearing fur for a music festival isn’t the best option. Especially when dealing with being near woody areas or a very hyperactive dog covered in mud.

    And now we see why Rarity is more of a cat person than a dog person. This girly girl is far from being Applejack who probably can rock mud as an accessory. But at least Rarity is taking things…relatively well. That’s kind of what I like about Rarity the most. With her personality, she could’ve easily fit the “mean girl” stereotype and called this dog all sorts of nasty names or gotten angry. But at most she is frazzled in a normal way since I don’t think anyone would want to have their fashions covered in mud.

    And by “frazzled” I mean she is seriously scared and trying to run away from the dog as much as possible. Again, not really mean. Just a really, really scared girl. Rest in Peace Rarity’s clothes. A moment of silence for Rarity’s wardrobe. 


    And now on to the chase scene.

    This option really does show Rarity’s surprising sides. While still running for her life, she compliments a guy on his cufflinks and apologize to Cherry Crush and Sophisticata during their picnic. Also, don’t think I don’t spy Wiz Kid and Curly Winds getting close in that lounge area. Hey you two! Stop being so cute already!!!

    Ok didn’t I already say this short was cute enough? Stop it! My heart can’t take this much wholesome.

    Yeah. This is shaping up to be the best moment of this option. A picture can be worth a thousand words, but each one is worth a thousand laughs. Every imperfect moment of running through a photo booth summed up in three flashes. Poor Derpy and Bulk. I’m sure they’ll keep the pictures just for laughs, but that top one was absolutely perfect. Honestly, can this get any better?

    Ok I stand corrected again. An Alien reference in a children’s cartoon. Because when I think of teenage girls with superpowers that stop evil with the power of friendship, I think of face huggers laying eggs in my body. It’s one in the same, I’m sure.

    Well it looks like Rarity stumbled into the right backstage to bring Princess Thunder Guts (yes I had to look this up to make sure I heard it right) back to Su-Z. Even if it did happen with Rarity kicking and screaming to get away from her. But it was all worth it for these faces. I want to think the animators channeled every bit of Tabitha St. Germaine into these expressions because this was hilarious.

    And a small token of payment was a furry boa from Su-Z’s own shoulders. I think this was a fitting gift for all the craziness Rarity has been through. Now this was an option I could watch over and over again.

    Spike Option

    Ok short. I’ve already gotten enough heart attacks from cuteness from the last two options. Now you’re putting Spike in a nervous position around a female dog. You’re trying to send me to an early grave, aren’t you. But I love how cute Spike is when nervous. Other than Rarity in the original show, I don’t think Spike has ever found an interest in someone else and at least here it’s his own species.

    Oh the smug faces when pointing out Spike’s crush is too much to not laugh. If this doesn’t make The Mane 6 into Spike’s older sisters, I don’t know what would. This is the smug face of any older sibling when teasing their younger sibling about a crush and it is too real.

    And through nerves and stumbling on his words, it looks like Spike’s gotta date and the girls are just eating this up. This is just too precious and how they’re not snapping pictures like crazy is beyond me. Oh the number of heart filters I would use would be countless.

    Don’t you all wish you had someone who looked at you the way Spike is doing while she barks at a squirrel in the tree? I bet you do now.

    Obligatory cute shot because I apparently didn’t have enough of them already.

    Sweet Luna the ships are increasing!!! Stop the presses!!! I need more dogs sharing ramen noodles like this. Can dogs even eat ramen? Who cares! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!

    Oh I know that stings the heart a bit. Finding out the mystery person you were dating is actually high class to the point of celebrity status. These “different world” love stories always end as fast as they start. I guess it’s good that Su-Z had help looking for her puppy and found her in good hands.

    Must…not…tear up. Must…stay…cynical. Stop this sweetness already. I’m down another five teeth that rotted out due to all this sugar.

    Yep. Big sisters. The teasing, the mocking, the giggling. They are the equivalent of older sisters and it’s both funny and adorable. And Rarity is just dragging out the mocking tone, but I think Spike’s mind is elsewhere and not really caring at the moment. This was just sweet. Can’t snark this as much because it just feels too cute even for a short lived romance. It’s almost like going to a convention and having a crush on someone in a cool cosplay and end up just friends on social media and only see each other at the conventions once a year. 

    And that was Lost and Pound, the short that shows that the simplest answers are fine, but the ones you least expect turns into your favorite moments. Fluttershy’s option was straightforward, but I had so much fun watching the chaos with Rarity and the romance with Spike. I guess things can be more interesting when it doesn’t always go according to plan. A lesson Sunset learned the hard way in Sunset’s Backstage Pass. But this was all around fun to watch and charming. I’m Penny Wrights and I need to make my own restaurant with a punny name. Wonder if anyone would eat at a place called Taste Jam. COME ON A SLAM! AND WELCOME TO TASTE JAM!