• Everfree Encore 2021 Music Festival To Take Place In-person

    Starting with Everfree Northwest last week, it seems pony events are slowly but surely starting up again around the world. Next month sees the music festival Everfree Encore being held in Uslar, Germany.

    Find their press release below the break!

    After two years of waiting, brony music festival Everfree Encore finally comes back on 10th to 12th of September 2021! Featuring an oficially approved hygiene concept and a bunch of eager to play musicians and DJs, the only one missing is - you! Join us with a cold one either on site in Uslar, Germany, or via video stream, and rock with us to:

    • Cyril the Wolf
    • Prince Whateverer
    • Blackened Blue
    • Coltastrophe
    • Melody Brony
    • Agatan
    • Z95
    • AnNy Tr3e
    • Tw3Lv3
    • Waranto
    • Javier
    • Waranto Wingbeat
    • and more!

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