• Equestria Girls Accountibilibuddies Follow Up


    In any music festival, there’s always the chance of disaster striking when you least expect it. It could be a wardrobe malfunction, losing an important item, or in this case, getting you foot stomped out at a hoedown. But when disaster strikes, you can always count on your friends to at least stick with you and not abandon you when there’s a performer you want to see. I guess I can say that would be the moral of this short. Either that or make sure there’s a pillow or blanket in the wheelbarrow if you need to move your hurt friend anywhere. Those things can be uncomfortable. Let’s see how Applejack does with an injury when trying to see her favorite country idol.


    A happy AJ is a cute AJ. Still one of my favorite looks for the festival shorts with this white dress and denim jacket. Rule of thumb for hoedown would probably be to wear sensible shoes for doing the Cowpoke Stomp.


    Ok this girl is fully aware of what she did and didn’t even say sorry or apologize for crushing her foot. Not too much Southern Hospitality for a country performance if you ask me. But Applejack seems ok and I’m sure she’s handled worse than this smaller girl stepping on her foot. Couldn’t get worse than that.


    “And it was at this time, Rainbow Dash knew Applejack bucked up.”

    Yeah I think a second moral here would be not to stand in a stomping zone while you feet aren’t moving. You already got hit once Applejack, maybe more over an inch if you’re so ok…for now. I do have to question this a little bit. If Applejack has super strength powers from the geode, wouldn’t that mean that she can’t really be injured. She’s done some amazing feats with that power that would put anybody in the hospital, but I think she’s lifted Bulk Biceps before with her bare hands. And I’m not 100% sure if the geode has to be active for it to work.


    So this scene is probably the most in character I’ve seen from Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. That Element of Loyalty was really working overtime here with Rainbow Dash not wanting to leave Applejack alone and miss the concert. And Pinkie is pretty in character with the same knowing Applejack wouldn’t have fun being alone and away from the fun. Not to mention Pinkie’s weird vocabulary of having an accountibilibuddy to have someone with you to take care of you and make sure you have a good time. But we got two options here. Let’s see how this works out and what third party guest arrives on the scene.

    Rainbow Dash Option


    Well leave it to Rainbow Dash to think of a quick fix for athletic injuries that involves mixing a whole bunch of creams and lotions to get Applejack back on her feet. Is it safe? Well…it’s Rainbow Dash. There’s no real gage for safety with her sometimes.


    AJ: “Smells like bad milk or good cheese”

    Well someone is a fan of Family Guy humor. But again, isn’t this how most effective cures are. They either smell awful, taste awful, or hurt like crazy. But who knows. Maybe this…weird mix of not reading the directions might work out for Applejack.


    And it looks like it’s working out just fine when Dirk Thistleweed, the country singer Applejack has been trying to see. Very convenient that he needed a cure all ointment for his lost voice. Well if a famous celebrity is fine with using a concoction crafted by a teenager, I guess it’s fine to put in the medical books. 


    Yeah best to get used to this now. You’re gonna be seeing a lot of obligatory happy Applejacks for this short.


    Yeah you can’t get any more front row seated than having your musical idol in a medical tent singing an improvised song about himself finding a cure for his voice. Not a bad singer either. Greatest dose of luck ever.


    Well…somewhat of a gentleman when he thinks Applejack being excited to meet him and talking is a sign she lost her voice as well. I don’t want to make it seem like he was being a bit rude, but I don’t know how to feel about that last line. Applejack seems to be taking it well though when there was nothing wrong with her voice and slathers up some ointment for her throat. At least he was being considerate? Am I overthinking a kids show again?

    Pinkie Pie Option


    Again, another moment in character with Pinkie Pie wanting to have her friends smile and doing whatever she can to accomplish that. Still would’ve liked to see that determination from Sunset’s Backstage Pass, but maybe it’s understandable in a way that Pinkie can’t always take things as serious as this? It’s hard to explain her wishy-washy ways without just lifting an eyebrow to the writers. But I wonder what Pinkie has in mind for how Applejack can see the concert on a bum leg. 


    Ok well…I guess that’s one way to get around when you have an injured foot. Maybe not the safest and didn’t even put a pillow down before tossing her in there like a sack of potatoes. Where did she even get this from? But I guess on a plus note, there’s no way Rarity would’ve been ok with this if it was her leg that was injured.


    When Pinkie wants something done, she wants it done. Not to say Applejack is kicking and screaming about seeing Dirk in concert, but having your friend push you up a hill in a wheel barrel is pretty extreme. 


    For any outdoors music concert or festival, you would think being in the far back would be the worst place to be, but even with large hills or platform seating can you really get a good look at everything on stage all at once. No head turning required. And it looks like Pinkie Pie found the sweet spot to view the whole stage all at once. Not bad eyes Pinkie.


    And to top it all off, we got someone as crazy as Pinkie to get on stage and push Dirk into the perfect spot for watching the concert. At least he seems to be taking it well with a crazed pink girl jumping on his stage during a performance. Maybe a little bit annoyed and confused, but that’s Pinkie Pie in a nutshell.


    Until being tackled by security by being on a performer’s stage and causing a scene. Pinkie doesn’t look too mad about it. Sure you’re getting tackled to the ground from a raised stage and might injure yourself or even your back. But hey. Applejack got to see Dirk Thistleweed and security brutality. I…don’t know if I should call this a win. Seeing your friend like this probably isn’t that…good?


    Nope. She’s ok and having a ball riding the crowd. I am so confused and don’t know where the security guard went after this, but…we’re still calling this a good end, right? 


    Yep. That’s the confused face I had during that whole scene with Pinkie Pie. I just watched my friend get tackled by security but now she’s fine and being tossed around by the crowd and having an awesome time. But we get to see Applejack enjoy the concert and I guess Pinkie Pie got to make her friend…mildly happy? Too many questions in this ending.

    Snips Option


    Leave it to Applejack to sacrifice hanging with her actual friends and seeing Dirk Thistelweed to hang out with a lonely Snips. This option feels more like it’s for Applejack than for Snips. But I wonder why out dynamic boy duo are separated.


    And now it seems like Snips is the one having a friendship problem when Snails left him after saying he lost his earplugs. Applejack just know if any apples start vibrating on your clothes, it’s completely normal and means you solved a friendship problem for a sentient crystal tree in another dimension. 


    Oof! I really dislike these kinds of people. I can understand being wrapped up in your own worries about your friends, but you literally have someone who chose to hang out with you because you looked lonely. And now all he can do is say how lonely he is without a friend like Snails. Wow, Snips. Just treat Applejack like she’s not even there. 


    Oh good. He’s done with his own melodrama to try to make Applejack his new best friend. Ok yes you can have as many friends as you want, but that doesn’t mean they have to adopt you as one a best friend either. You can still be ok being around each other, acquaintances, or study partners in class. Doesn’t have to get that serious. But I can’t help but think this is a little sweet with Snips being by himself looking for a new friend. Kinda sad, too, but let’s stick with sweet for right now.


    And just as quickly as Applejack was about to go along with this “new best friend” thing, in walks Snails and the moment is gone. I know this is mostly for comic relief since these two are the main catalyst for comic relief, but wow. Right to hugging after being mad at Snails for leaving you. At least they can’t stay mad at each other. I think I would’ve appreciated an episode like that in the main show. It’s cliché and the whole “I’ve got a NEW BETTER best friend than you” has probably been done before, but I can believe this coming from these two.


    So not only was Snails looking everywhere for Snips, he also got acquainted with Dirk in his travels. Another random and convenient moment for Applejack. This girl has luck coming out the wood works if this is how she meets him. Ok if that idea of getting new best friends involved one of them becoming best friends with a celebrity, that would’ve really made the episode. 


    So much can be said in one image that makes you just start laughing. The idea that Snails can make toot noises with his armpit, the fact that celebrity country star Dirk Thistleweed find it hilarious, and the fact that Applejack is in a confused state of shock at all this unfolding before her eyes makes this image a riot. I feel Applejack’s little country heart breaking that this idol she wanted to see so badly is into toilet humor. Truly a mind blown moment.


    And because he calls Snails the “greatest artistic genius of our generation”, they get invited to hang out backstage and Applejack get a cozy seat to watch the show from. While questionable taste in comedy, this was actually a nice thing to do from Dirk. And Snips and Snails are tighter than ever while they enjoy the concert together.


    Dawwww! I can’t help but think this is just so cute. Snips is also too much of an extrovert to be left alone and that might be a concern, but at least they’re friends again. And still thinks he was left alone regardless of someone actually willing to hang out with him and be his temporary best friend from sheer guilt. But sure. Never leave him alone again. Don’t worry AJ. At least the fandom has stopped treating you like a background character. 

    And that was Accountibilibuddies, a bunch of random moments leading to Applejack having to question the company she keeps. It’s hard to pick an ending when I felt each one lead to different ways Applejack could meet Dirk Thistleweed. I liked the idea of sitting backstage to watch the concert, but I like that Pinkie Pie was willing to push her friend up a hill in a wheel barrel to see the concert. Just not have her get injured by security. I think the Rainbow Dash one was a good mix of fun and convenient since she at least spoke to him. It’s hard to pick a favorite here so I’m just gonna say Applejack is best concert goer. I’m Penny Wrights and I think I have some Snips and Snails fanfictions to look up.