• Ponyversary & Brony Memories Wonderful Music: Luck Rock - Happy Horse Days (To Us All) [Acoustic]

    You are not dreaming, new song by Luck Rock!! That means brony emotions as we can relate once again to all the love expressed and the longing for more wonderful pony times, all while reflecting on the awesome memories! Luck actually made this for his 10th anniversary of watching the show, and of course he just had to write the cutest and most Equestrian-like lyrics!! They're just WONDERFUL and making me melt, and we can really feel how impactful the show was for Luck and all the powerful things he's sharing with this! It's definitely very relatable, and that's what makes us a community!! Happy horse days to us all, until the end of times!! I love you all my brothers and sisters ♥ ♥ ♥