• Pony Vocal Chops & Personal Message Music: SpinScissor - Unbound [Alternative Electronic]

    Taking the chance to express a newfound resolve and powerful message about being yourself and making exactly what you want to make, SpinScissor contributed to the 100%-pony Pony Family compilation album Busy Having Fun with a meaningful and creative track, exploring the roads less traveled again! On the menu, a unique progression and meanings behind it that you can read about from the description on YouTube or Bandcamp! This is the 3rd of the 4 exclusives on the album, exclusively presented to you on the Bandcamp and the Pony Family YouTube channel! It will also work as a promo channel so feel free to sub to get notified of new heartfelt and awesome pony fan works! And by the way, speaking of Pony Family and trying to change the world, here's a new attempt!