• Newbie Artist Training Grounds XI Final Gallery!


    My Little Pony Newbie Artist Training Grounds Author Calpain

    And so another year of the Newbie Artist Training Grounds comes to an end! I want to thank everyone who managed to participate this year, even if it was for a single day. You who participated at the very least decided to try something new, improve on what you already knew and strived to test your determination by doing as many prompts as possible! I'm so very proud of all of you and I can't wait to see you again next year.

    In the end, we achieved 2495 ponies drawn in total! Nicely done everyone!

    To celebrate, I invite you all to check out our final NATG gallery after the break! Give them a round of applause everyone!

    2 Throwing Hats With Force - Stadust/Dafiltafish

    Art image 2
    I did it! I drew 30 Lyras in a row... do other colors besides seafoam even exist anymore?

    3 ATG2021 30 Sunset Shimmer The Graduate - Wissle

    Art image 3
    Sunset Shimmer is the graduate with the most creative hat placement for sure.

    6 NATG XI Day 30: Graduation - AceBlazewing

    Art image 6
    I only missed one day, but hey, 29/30 is still a passing grade. XD This is also the first time I've drawn all of my OCs in one picture. I had a lot of fun this month with the ATG, and I hope to take part in it next time. =)

    7 Alicorn Sunny Starscout - Daimando

    Art image 7
    Thanks M.A. Larson!

    8 2D meets 3D - Daimando

    Art image 8
    For the first time ever, I present to you, Wanda and Sunset meeting their SFM Counterparts. Filly Sunset Model by Stefano96 and AeridicCore. Wanda Young model by JC Thornton.

    9 [SFM] She learned from the best - red4567

    Art image 9
    I forgot to add Fluttershy in the previous prompt, so here she is now.

    10 Day 30 - Graduation - DarkDabula

    Art image 10
    "The is still space on the wall."

    14 Grad 2.0 - Termyotter

    Art image 14
    This is my second year, so I reprised last year's grad pic to see if there were any improvement.

    15 Congrast at Last - EbbySharp

    Art image 15
    Congratulations, everyone! Happy Fourth and best of luck with all your drawing endeavors! Hope you'll consider entering again if we have another next year! XD

    19 Finaly a royal guard - Ragmo

    Art image 19
    Fast forward into the future - and we managed to become a guard on the side of the princess \o/ Thank you Equestria Daily for having this event this year again. These where some nice 30+ days of drawing and, even if there weren't as many submissions as in previous years, it's nice to see a total of ~2500+ submissions this year - especially since the show is over for quite some time. Thank you Equestria Daily staff for having us again this year for a total month; Looking forward for next years ATG

    21 Celestia Summer Sun Salutation - Frith

    Art image 21
    Princess Celestia, as the sun mover supreme, is de facto a pony moving toward a bright future every morning. I was hoping for a Celestia theme around the summer solstice (winter in the southern hemisphere). Perhaps next year?

    22 Super Cellestial Sun Burpee - Frith

    Art image 22
    She's even airborne as she flings the sun across the sky!

    23 Great Ball of Fire - Frith

    Art image 23
    Note that she has her back to that big ball of fire. Important safety tip: don't stare into the sun, especially if you have to raise it over 365,000 times during your career.

    24 Bright Future - Bugaboo

    Art image 24

    29 Dawn Walker - Frith

    Art image 29
    I was expecting a party prompt. But it was _graduation_ that was the repeating prompt for day 30 from NATG V onward, not party/celebration. OK, well, my pone is a permanent trainee (held back every year, no graduation), so dawn-walker pony it is. It was easier anyway. Thus endeth NATG XI! Woo hoo! I've done them all, I'd not miss this challenge for the world, even though I draw just about nothing between each NATG. Thank you Calpain for carrying on with this event year after year. ^_^ You could use some of my prompt suggestions too, the not story-suggestions prompts. Shake things up a bit. Hint hint. ^_^

    30 ED: NATG 2021 Day 30 - Addelum

    Art image 30
    My thoughts on this year's batch of submissions are in the DeviantArt submission link. As always, the NATG was a fun bit of a time sink!

    31 Looking Up - Sigmath Bits

    Art image 31
    Onward and upward!

    32 Still and Sunny - SazerLite

    Art image 32
    Motion Capture is going to take a break from being animated and head off to brighter and more still horizons. And that is all for the Newbie Artist Training Grounds XI from Equestria Daily. Gotta say, I severely overestimated my mediocre animation skills and willpower and bit off a bit more than I could chew. Multiple times I had to cut corners in order to make something remotely presentable every day. Don't expect me to try something like this again, at least not with free-hand, frame-by-frame animation. So now I take a break from all the drawing I did for NATG and never come back to making art again until the next NATG. See you later.

    33 Graduation Cheerilee - ThatUsualGuy06

    Art image 33

    34 Day30: Tai Graduates From Pony Art School - TaichiKeaton

    Art image 34
    Tai accepts his diploma as he graduates from the Ponyville Art School.

    35 Oh look its me! - TenebrisNoctus

    Art image 35
    What would my Natg participation be without an overdetailed headshot to finnish things out ey? Been a lot of fun overall, even tho i had a couple dry spots throughout. Congrats to all participants and "graduates"! As well as thanks to EQD for continuing to be amazing! Hope to see you all next year <3 span="">

    36 Bright future - Zeccy

    Art image 36
    This is a really wierd perspective :I

    37 Training Grounds Day 30 - Essentialsingularity

    Art image 37
    And that makes 30. Until next time!

    39 Onward to a New Generation - Stone39

    Art image 39
    With "Friendship is Magic" officially concluding this year, it's time to show Nicole and Feather passing the torch to their daughter for her own adventures. :)

    40 Celebration - llametsul

    Art image 40
    Woooo!~ Another year down Thanks again Cal for keeping these going ^^

    42 NATG-XI Graduation Crusaders - Lore

    Art image 42
    Congratulations, all you crazy Brony NATG participants! Thanks for all the Pony! And special thanks to Calpain!

    43 Graduation (and Independence Day!) - FuzzGod5

    Art image 43
    Happy Independence Day, America!

    45 Graduation!!! - magnusmagnum

    Art image 45
    Holy cow, it's already been 30 days? Drawing a different prompt everyday was not as easy as I had thought but I made through and I'm proud.

    49 A new beginning (ATG XI - Day 30) - IzurkhyDraws

    Art image 49
    I hope you like this drawing as a farewell to these challenges. See you :D

    50 Bright Future Friends - DinkyUniverse

    Art image 50
    Dinky Hooves, Liza Doolots and Ruby Pinch are three foals with bright futures.^^

    51 Bright Future - Allonsbro

    Art image 51
    I went more literal again, I like doing that. I probably could have made this funnier, but I couldn't think of any really good dialogue. Oh, well. Thank you so much to Calpain and the EQD staff for another fun year of the Artist Training Ground.

    52 - DummyHorse

    Art image 52

    54 - otsihtes

    Art image 54
    A very happy future for batty cause I have no originality at all.

    55 NATG 30 | The Future Is Always Bright - Will-Owl-the-Wisp

    Art image 55
    A huge thank-you to Calpain for kindly extending our submission deadline! That extra 24 hours made finishing this on time possible. =3

    56 Earning Her Colors - Optimistic Neighsayer

    Art image 56
    Guiding Light's graduation for the Royal Academy of Magic Investigation is sure to foretell a colorful, joyous, and bright future. Her father couldn't be prouder.

    57 What's Next? - TwoMakesAParty

    Art image 57
    Twilight starting to work toward a bigger brighter future.

    60 - ShadowGrave

    Art image 60
    IĆ¢€™ve been really inconsistent with these, but decided why not do the last one this year.

    61 2021 NATG XI - Day 30 - The Last Problem - Kirbyliscious / Birdisjell

    Art image 61
    asdflkjl, I'm sorry for submitting this twice!! I could not for the life of me find my delete link :C but I just wanted to say thanks to all the cool artists that I got to participate with this year!! Everyone did some fantastic work, and awesome growing, and it was a pleasure to make art alongside all of you~ <33 all="" c:="" much="" so="" span="" thank="" you="">

    Twitter: Calpain