• Newbie Artist Training Grounds XI: Day 8


    My Little Pony Newbie Artist Training Grounds Author Calpain

    Ah, love! It isn't just a feeling we have for a special someone, but for all of those we care about. It comes in different forms but it is the deep caring we share for friends, family and anyone we are especially close to. It's what FiM is all about and I'm happy to see you all sharing your love for art during this event, whether you're new or old. Keep doing an awesome job, everyone!

    So at this point, we've had over a week of exploring ponies in all sorts of poses, situations and emotions. As you all know, the world of Equestria is quite big and has all sorts of different creatures in it! As an artist, it's good to expand your horizons to drawing other things so you're not stuck just drawing ponies, despite how awesome they are. So for tonight I want you all to try experimenting by Drawing a pony as another species (Draw a MLP species other than a pony / Drawing a pony making a fresh start.

    As for tonight, we brought in another 96 ponies which brings us up to 797 ponies in total! We're getting closer and closer to that 1k mark, everyone!

    As always you can find the submitter here.

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    Max Image Resolution is 2000x2000! Resize your pictures to make sure they are the appropriate size, any image software should be able to help you.

    Animations do not animate when sent through the compiler! Include some text with your submitted animation that people should follow your links to the source to see the animation in full.

    Remember, our compiler for the old prompt is up a few hours even after this post goes up with the new prompt so feel free to submit your submission to the previous day's submitter!

    Also, if you are late submitting and the submitter is closed, don't just throw your pic into the next day's submitter. Wait for a Makeup Day to submit!

    Attention Discord Users:
    For those of you with Discord we are really pulling out all the stops this year as we have a channel on EqD's official Discord server called #artist-training-ground for you to hang out in with your fellow artists during the event. You can join our Discord server here.

    Check on after the break for today's gallery!
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    3 Lyra Loves Her Wife - Stadust/Dafiltafish

    Art image 3
    Does it make a lot of sense? No!! But here it is.

    4 On Edge... - LizardWithHat

    Art image 4
    "Ready" for the plunge is a bit overstating it...

    6 Nightmare fuel - Aliasing_Ghost

    Art image 6
    a quick play with brush markers and make this.

    8 kissu - FraniBilly

    Art image 8

    10 Lovey-Dovey Couple - Stone39

    Art image 10
    I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to draw some Feathcole goodness. ^_^

    11 Lovestruck - Forerunner Fox

    Art image 11
    Look at that. The sfm guy did 2d art.

    13 The Letter - Stone39

    Art image 13
    *She held the letter in her hoof. Her heart seemed to race despite how easy it was to write what was enclosed in the envelope. She was alright at getting words out, but she was better with a quill. Looking at herself in the mirror, she brushed back her coiffure to get a clear look at the mare staring back at her.* "I can do this... Right?" *Her thoughts swam around the uncertainty, which just made her all the more nervous, bordering on anxious. Even with every bad outcome crossing her mind at once, she hardened her stare, like the precious jewel of her namesake, ready to push herself anyway she could.* "I can do this."

    15 Pinkie Pie Taking the Plunge - PonyThunder

    Art image 15
    Feeling a little 'meh' about this one, but I do like how I'm progressing with expressions and facial features. I have a tendency to draw happy ponies without much variation in eye shape though. Maybe next prompt I'll try something more nuanced.

    16 Falling in Love - Drathus

    Art image 16
    I tried to get that "dreamy, in love" look. Instead, I got more like donut thinks " I need an adult" kind of stuff. Pinkie Pie model supplied by DJTHED https://www.deviantart.com/therealdjthed

    17 IzzyLuv - llametsul

    Art image 17

    18 Yes - Pi

    Art image 18

    21 Plunging to new depths - Daimando

    Art image 21
    Believe it or not, this piece is a request from Deviantart user XxGamerBoi42xX as a sequel to https://www.deviantart.com/daimando/art/A-sunrise-before-a-quick-swim-873743978

    23 [SFM] Yes, it's that kind of reference. - red4567

    Art image 23
    It took me a while to make Smolder look older.

    24 Applejack and Apple Bloom - PonyThunder

    Art image 24
    Just a sketch again this time. I figured there will be a lot of romantic love, so I decided to draw something sisterly instead.

    25 Day 7 - Book Love - DarkDabula

    Art image 25
    "Classic book horse"

    26 Love at First Sight - ThatUsualGuy06

    Art image 26

    27 Rarity and her sleepy love - Renarde-Louve

    Art image 27
    Rarity loves her book hoers :3

    28 NATG XI Day 7: CheesePie - AceBlazewing

    Art image 28
    I could think of no better ponies to use for this one than one of my favorite (and canon) shipping pairs: Pinkie and Cheese. <=)

    29 High diving - Ragmo

    Art image 29
    Its hot outside and time to take a plunge into the cooling water - whenever pools are back open.

    31 Comfort - Soobel

    Art image 31
    They dont know yet, here are coming more than just a comfort.

    32 Artist Training Grounds 7: Sneaking out - Generic-artist

    Art image 32
    Draw a pony in love / Draw a pony ready to take the plunge. . Well I decided to draw genderbent Cotton and Fiesta sneaking out to have a picnic under the stars.. While their parents don't support them they totally don't care, love is in bloom. And as we see here, it's true as Fi goes to kiss him.

    33 Love at first sight - Zecora

    Art image 33
    Hard to get this one done, but atleast I did :3

    36 A surprise gift - Professional Horse

    Art image 36
    Tried using a smaller brush, which just resulted in me drawing in a much smaller size... I'll draw a bigger image next time!

    37 In LOVE - Wolfy

    Art image 37

    39 NATG Day 7 - He Calls Me Angel - Clarke Otterton

    Art image 39
    A scene from chapter VIII of Background Pony - "Everypony Is Made To Be Loved"

    40 Bungee Jumping - Bugaboo

    Art image 40
    I wonder how high did she jump from?

    43 Plunge - Termyotter

    Art image 43
    Maybe not ready to take some plunges but close... So clueless he kind of ended up getting the idea of taking their relationship further out there without the conversation even being about that, or really knowing what he was doing. At least he's okay with the other plunge for now.

    46 - otsihtes

    Art image 46
    I was feeling very uncreative today, so I just redrew that iconic Lyra and Bonbon screencap

    48 NATG 2021 - Day 7: Pony in Love - Talla

    Art image 48
    Muahaha! Have some OC shippage!

    51 A Pony in Love - Allonsbro

    Art image 51

    52 Sea Day - DinkyUniverse

    Art image 52
    Sea Swirl and Sassaflash share a nuzzle as the sun dips into the sea for the night.^^

    53 Pony Takes a Plunge - NotADeliciousPotato

    Art image 53
    At a swim meet, a pony dives headfirst into the pool as part of a solo synchronized swimming routine.

    54 Woona's adventure team, assemble! - magnusmagnum

    Art image 54
    Sister, sister! Let's go on an adventure together~

    55 One Chance - Windy Breeze

    Art image 55
    Thunderlane is finally using this opportunity to give her the ring �

    57 A Strange Feeling [NATG XI - D7] - Darksly

    Art image 57

    60 NATG 2021 Day 7 - Love Games? - Cynac

    Art image 60
    NATG 2021 Day 7: Draw a pony in love / Draw a pony ready to take the plunge. Another quick cover. Still multitasking here and there. Really need to fix and finish my unfinished sketches after all of this is over. What do you guys think?

    61 NATG XI - Day 7: Boarding the PeachTrain - CMC_Scootaloo

    Art image 61
    Peach Fuzz hugging her coltfriend Train Tracks from behind, while they look each other into the eyes.

    63 A Close hug - Taurson

    Art image 63
    NATG 2021 Day 7 Draw a pony in love, so I drew these 2 lovebirds about just embracing each other :D

    65 ATG XI Day VII - RizDub

    Art image 65
    I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who ships this. Clearly I need to step up my game.

    69 Ponies in Luv - Pone-Dancer

    Art image 69
    Okay so since A-Generic-Artist-Lol drew a genderbent ship of ours I decided to go down that path and draw my fav Panny ship! I just adore her and Blitzkrieg together so much. He's not the most handsome of the boys but he makes up for that in affection and protecting. Idk rough fella x Poofy gal is just good to me. Panny belongs to Generic-Artist ^.^ Next up is Mayflower Heart and Shock Top! He's got it bad for her ngl. Everything she does is amazing to him, and having her so close must be freaking him out badly XD She smells really good as a bonus. May belongs to RosarianArt Ah yes, the crackhead nerds. I feel like their forms of PDA wouldn't be average; hence them just licking each other's faces until one of them quits the argument. Kids are watching you two D-: Inkjet belongs to SnowFall-13

    70 Jelly - Frith

    Art image 70
    Observe, the jelly fetish pony about to take the plunge. You jelly? Dollars to doughnuts no one else took this gooey path! So far every one of my ponies has had a different coat colour, but most of them get blue eyes. In the gallery so far I see much romance... and Background Pony (39)! Yes Clarke Otterton, a most excellent book. ... RizDub also has the Jelly Pony (65)! Ha ha HA! But as a One True Pairing, so no doughnut. 8^D

    72 Baby Dragon Love - James Stuart

    Art image 72

    75 Love at First Taste - SOENJAY

    Art image 75
    Mustang is not an alcoholic, he's just a... connoisseur. Or something like that. He's a little elated because up Nort' in Whinnysota the only local craft cider they got is "Winter Crisp" which is made from tart apples. Sure Sweet Apple Acres cider could be imported, but most of the locals prefer the extra bite of "Winter Crisp" to stave off the cold. Plus, there's something special about drinking it fresh from the farm where it was lovingly crafted.

    76 Celestia Takes a Plunge - Sylphan Scribe

    Art image 76
    Celestia takes a plunge. Quite literally.

    77 Deep & Doc from Dangerous Thought Experiment - Lore

    Art image 77
    Check out the strip I made, Dangerous Thought Experiment. https://www.deviantart.com/docard/art/Pxl-20201023-202132281-2-871765774 I colorized this from a panel.

    78 Appledash - purple-unicorn10

    Art image 78

    80 Descending Dashie - Sigmath Bits

    Art image 80
    Take the deep dive!

    81 Wishing upon Airplanes in the Night Sky - RiceChex

    Art image 81
    Best ship in the fandom no question

    82 On the Hill - Optimistic Neighsayer

    Art image 82
    Bliss... and Blush. A simple scene for tonight.

    84 NATG 7 | Come What May - Will-Owl-the-Wisp

    Art image 84
    "But I love you Until the end of time..." -- Come What May, Moulin Rouge (2001)

    86 In love with a muffin, - ADrawingOwl

    Art image 86
    Foreleg anatomy might be a bit off, and other proportions stuff. But overall somewhat happy with how this came out!

    88 - ZetaMad

    Art image 88

    90 Nowhere to Go But Down - phallen1

    Art image 90
    I couldn't *not* draw something like this for a prompt like that. Software Patch on the cusp of taking his first skydive, instructor Windcatcher at his side.

    91 - ShadowGrave

    Art image 91

    93 TSSSF Card: Skydiving Lesson - phallen1

    Art image 93
    'Windcatcher put a hoof on my shoulder. She was smiling at me, but very serious. "This is it, Software Patch" she said, in full instructor mode, using my full name for emphasis. "Are you ready to perform a skydive?"' - A Pegasus With Silk Wings

    95 Spun - Pegapone

    Art image 95
    I think I'm losing track of the atg days o.O

    97 ATG Day 7: Daring Dive - Lahtdah

    Art image 97
    I've been on a diving kick recently, so it's only natural. It was this, or something luvy with kirins.