• Newbie Artist Training Grounds XI: Day 18


    My Little Pony Newbie Artist Training Grounds Author Calpain

    Inspiration can come in all shapes and forms: a piece of artwork, the words of a friend or loved one, or even the most random of events. It's why it can be hard to find what inspires us the most when we seek to do the things we love. When you find the thing that is your muse make sure to hold on to it tight and use it to propel you to ever greater heights.

    Welcome to another day of the NATG everyone! For tonight's prompt I wanted to give you all a chance to share a little bit more of yourselves since you all had so much fun making crossovers with your favorite media a couple days back. Today we're getting a bit nostalgic as I would like you to Draw a pony experiencing your most cherished memory / Draw a pony living life to the fullest!

    For today we managed to bring in 60 ponies which now gives us 1601 ponies in total! Let's keep pushing towards 2k everyone!

    As always you can find the submitter here.

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    Max Image Resolution is 2000x2000! Resize your pictures to make sure they are the appropriate size, any image software should be able to help you.

    Animations do not animate when sent through the compiler! Include some text with your submitted animation that people should follow your links to the source to see the animation in full.

    Remember, our compiler for the old prompt is up a few hours even after this post goes up with the new prompt so feel free to submit your submission to the previous day's submitter!

    Also, if you are late submitting and the submitter is closed, don't just throw your pic into the next day's submitter. Wait for a Makeup Day to submit!

    Attention Discord Users:
    For those of you with Discord we are really pulling out all the stops this year as we have a channel on EqD's official Discord server called #artist-training-ground for you to hang out in with your fellow artists during the event. You can join our Discord server here.

    Check on after the break for today's gallery!
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    2 ATG2021 17 Sunset Shimmer Winning At Roulette - Wissle

    Art image 2
    Normally the casino always wins but here we have Sunset Shimmer winning with a single picked number. Lucky girl.

    3 Emergency Situation - Stadust/Dafiltafish

    Art image 3
    Her muse must hear her creation!!

    5 Inspiring Odds - llametsul

    Art image 5
    The long awaited upsies successfully acquired!

    8 New Record - Zeccy

    Art image 8
    She has been sitting for a whole minute. THAT's a NEW RECORD

    9 So You're Tellin' Me There's A Chance - PonyThunder

    Art image 9
    I low-key hate that I made this. Hope you enjoy/suffer/cringe/etc lol

    11 Day 17 - Sonic Rainboom - DarkDabula

    Art image 11

    14 NATG XI Day 17: Flying High - AceBlazewing

    Art image 14
    Based on a headcanon discussed with a friend over Issue 81 of the IDW comics. Scootaloo more than deserves this chance, don't you think? =)

    16 Yatta! - Stone39

    Art image 16
    Keeping with Nicole's new game, I think a 0.8% drop chance is some pretty steep odds. Also, Gusty makes a pretty great Tak-Fifty. ^_^

    17 Electrical Idea - DinkyUniverse

    Art image 17
    Electric Sky getting some inspiration with her plasma ball.^^

    18 [SFM] Never tell this mare the odds - red4567

    Art image 18
    I actually don't know how to play 3D chess, so I doubt the pieces are in the right places. I'm sorry in advance if I ticked off any Trekkies.

    19 - TenebrisNoctus

    Art image 19
    A good story can be very inspiring.

    21 "Brilliant" Idea - phallen1

    Art image 21
    The inspiration doesn't have to be for a *good* idea, does it?

    23 Pear delivery - Ragmo

    Art image 23
    Believe it or not, but I got Applejack to buy all my pears.

    25 Gentlecolts - Frith

    Art image 25

    27 NATG 2021 - Day 17: Against All Odds - Talla

    Art image 27
    "The last sacrifice" 946pr.

    28 Starlight. Starbright - Daimando

    Art image 28
    Had a difficult time on coming up with an idea. But I wound up coming up with Filly Moondancer showing Filly Starlight her inspiration: The night sky and the stars that decorate it.

    30 Dice - ThatUsualGuy06

    Art image 30
    This is what I thought when it comes to "impossible odds".

    31 Inspiration - Bugaboo

    Art image 31

    32 Open Mic at the Root Cellar Snips & Snails 01 - Lore

    Art image 32
    Pony Snips and Snails tag-team rap way better than their human counterparts.

    34 New Motivation - Termyotter

    Art image 34
    What can I say, I like silly wordplay and I don't like motivational posters, but I do like making fun of them.

    36 Unyielding Resolve - TheEpicKyurem

    Art image 36
    Fighting an evil deity of destruction? Yeah... not the smartest thing to do. But this pony has an indomitable spirit that nothing can break.

    37 No More Bets - James Stuart

    Art image 37
    Let's just say that the father of the Great and Powerful Trixie...bet on black.

    38 - otsihtes

    Art image 38
    Not really feelin this one

    39 Bits Beats the Mind Blank - Sigmath Bits

    Art image 39
    Drawing a blank ... technically drawing, right? But will they think of *what* to draw? ... Well I guess I did xD

    40 ED: NATG 2021 Day 17 - Addelum

    Art image 40
    Inspired by "A Poem on the Underground Wall" by Simon & Garfunkel.

    41 AJs inspiration - Nedemai

    Art image 41
    AJ was inspired, she figured she could beat the odds if there wasn't any. Tired ponys do weird things.

    43 Noodle's Bluff - dzamie

    Art image 43
    What's Sham gonna do, call her out? Her first mistake was agreeing to gamble against Eris in the first place.

    44 Rodeo Kid - Pone-Dancer

    Art image 44
    Tex loves going to the rodeos with his family. The deep-fried food, the games, and best of all the bullriding event! If none of the competitors can stay on the bull himself gets to keep the belt buckle. It's a pretty big deal/big honor, especially if you have a lot of them. Tex isn't actually part bovine, but he looks the part. He then goes on to become one of the greatest 'bulls' in Equestria.

    45 Never Second Place - Sylphan Scribe

    Art image 45
    When AJ brings her A game, she won't lose to anypony. Even when none of the topics are about apples, farming, or rodeos.

    46 Unstoppable Mailmare - magnusmagnum

    Art image 46
    If there is one thing that Derpy is good at, that would be delivering mails. She will stop at nothing to deliver these mails, even if that means climbing over Mount Everhoof, the deep ocean of Seaquestria, or a devouring blizzard... it will be done.

    49 - DummyHorse

    Art image 49
    That's right, I'll show who's better! I am! I will be better than you! You inspired me to be better than you! I want to wipe that smirk off your face when I win next time!

    50 Inspiration - SOENJAY

    Art image 50
    This is one of my biggest musical inspirations, Glenn Frey. As gay as I am for Huey Lewis' voice, Glenn's music hits me different. I love his voice and I love his writing. That's right kids, this was back when musicians actually wrote their own damn songs, put passion and meaning into the lyrics, and didn't have a team of people writing for them to work the formula and top the charts for a huge paycheck. This ponification of Glenn is more circa late 70s while the song he's singing is from his 1988 album "Soul Searching" so it's not completely accurate, but screw you, it's my drawing.

    53 By the Book - Optimistic Neighsayer

    Art image 53
    Twilight finally makes a huge turnaround after losing too many games... but if the strategy's in a book, did she really beat "impossible" odds?

    57 The Key to Survival - SazerLite

    Art image 57
    Motion Capture motivates himself by looking at the cover for the late Richard Williams The Animator's Survival Kit. If any of you are interested in the field of animation, I strongly recommend this book. It's very informative and interesting.

    58 La Grande Odalisque - foxwhee

    Art image 58

    59 Coffee beating the impossible odds - Taurson

    Art image 59
    NAGT 2021 Day 17 Draw a pony beating impossible odds, I guess a bit of something reflecting how I feel as of late, with Coffee as everyday it seems like this is like beating impossible odds for Coffee...

    60 - ZetaMad

    Art image 60