• The Discord Remix Went Viral On TikTok and We Completely Missed It

    Have you ever felt completely disconnected from something you should definitely be connected to in some way? That's what happened in this case. Apparently the old Discord remix that we used to jam to ages ago has been going viral for the past month over on TikTok. According to Cracked, 330,000+ videos have been made with it playing in the background, used in everything from dance videos to making fun of the fact that it's a pony song.

    Even The Living Tombstone himself did a video, reaching a whopping 8 million views and 1.7m likes, which you can find below.

    Cracked has a writeup over here on the entire thing.


    ##duet with @phlip._.phlop we just found out the living tombstone did a remix of discord ##discord ##discordchallenge ##thelivingtombstone ##vibes

    ♬ Discord - The Living Tombstone
    Thanks to Jeffrey and Damon for the heads up