• More Pony Music! King Sombra, Chaos Dimension & More!

    Finally the new roundup post is here! Time to check out all of the other works made by the community in the meantime if you didn't get your fill with the solo posts! And don't forget about the Treasure Chest too!

    Also check out my new project Pony Family that aims to bring more exposure to pony musicians and create an Equestrian place on Earth! For Passion and all the things we see in the show! Ponies forever!

    1. Chang31ing - 4DaPlot (feat. mycutiemarkisagun) (TCB Remix)

    Vocal - Future Bass

    Fun remixes of fun tracks are always welcome! And this is quite sick as always from TCB, too!

    (somewhat suggestive thumbnail warning)

    Listen to the song on YouTube here.

    2. Alexey Kotlyar - Attraction

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    A very fitting atmospheric track for that artwork used in the video!

    3. Rubber Vs Acarcion (Prod. Necro)

    Vocal - Hip Hop

    Pony Rap Battle? Pony Rap Battle.

    (strong language warning)

    4. AlphaP - Something Good

    Instrumental - Lo-fi/Future Synthwave

    AlphaP's OC will be a father, and so the musician made a song to celebrate this "Something Good"!

    5. To Smile! - Dear Princess Celestia (Covering brambleshadow4)

    Instrumental - Acoustic

    To Smile/Rinnie lovingly covered brambleshadow4's deep and meaningful song, and the original melodies are getting complemented by To Smile's own musical touch here!

    6. Koron Korak - Wonderbolt (Drums Cover & Violin Cover) (Covering dBPony feat. PrinceWhateverer)

    Drums Cover/Violin Cover

    A labor of love, Koron kept practicng and practicing over the years, never giving up, and now he mastered the song on drums and the result is so impressive!! And approved by Dashie as you can see in the video! Same for the obligatory Violin Cover that followed suit!

    7. Tw3Lv3 - One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC-Arch) (Cod3breaker Remix)

    Vocal - Progressive Trance

    For those looking for Progressive Trance and more remixes of that song by Tw3Lv3, Cod3breaker got you covered!

    8. Vylet Pony - I Was Afraid (feat. Chi-Chi & Briakitten) (SpinScissor Bootleg Remix)

    Instrumental - House/Nu-Disco

    Entrancing atmospheres and mystical pony vocal chops galore in this remix by SpinScissor!

    9. Lighty - Umbra Regem

    Instrumental - Bass House

    A very cool and atmospheric track by Lighty, "about King Sombra's army invading the Crystal Empire"!

    10. Cherry Blossom - Mystery of Chaosville

    Instrumental - Soundtrack

    A track named after the dimensional world where Discord is living, and delivering such a blissful atmosphere that fits so well as a field theme BGM for that area!

    11. SmD House - Cyber Pony

    Instrumental - House

    A much mystical track as per SmD House's signature, with a Cyberpunk twist!


    Whirlwind - Apples To The Core (Drum Cover)

    MC-Arch Live @ Trotcon 2020 Snow Day 12/05/2020

    Tw3Lv3 - MidairPonyFair DJ Set

    Cantersoft - River Flows in Pony

    Technickel Music - BTMIX2

    Bolt the Super-Pony - Live @ Midair Pony Fair 2021 (Live Request Set)

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!