• New 2D Vectors of the Generation 5 My Little Pony Characters Appear

    Generation 5 My Little Pony Sticker Sheet 2D Vectors

    Way back before we had any infortmation on generation 5, a bed sheet from a random online store had three mysterious ponies on it. We later learned that these were Izzy, Pipp, and Sunny, but since then we have only had 3D renditions of them from the upcoming Netflix movie.

    Apparently someone over on Etsy got ahold of more of these vectors, because they have a listing up for the sticker sheet you see above. It gives us brand new poses for Izzy and Pipp, along with our first look at 2D versions of Zipp and Hitch. Plus all of their butt symbols.

    We are still waiting for the trailer, but until then, go absorb this one I guess!