• Netflix Malaysia Possibly Reveals G5 Movie Title!


    My Little Pony Movie Generation 5 Header Author Calpain

    Thanks to some sleuthing by those on Twitter, a curious little tidbit of information has popped up on the Netflix Malaysia feed. In a listing posted for releases later this year they have dropped what looks like a possible name for the MLP movie!

    As some have pointed out, this does diverge from the book title we got some time back. It's possible that the book title and the movie title are different or different names for the movie are used in different regions. It's also possible this might not be the pony movie at all, but I'm not aware of any other pony properties coming out later this year (unless they are releasing My Little Pony: Pony Tales over there, an older iteration of MLP).

    While no other sources have revealed this info so far, it's still from a credible source considering it is a division of Netflix! What do you think? Do you think it will get a revision before release or do we have our official movie name?

    Find it after the break and thanks to everyone who sent it in!

    Twitter: Calpain