• Her Name is Athena And We Are Definitely Getting More Pondonia

    If Pony Life was Generation 4.5, lets just call this Genreration: Alcohol Edition or something. If you have no idea what this is, a few days ago we posted an animation called Guardians of Pondonia. It has absolutely nothing to do with regular My Little Pony, but it does star an adorable cartoon horse who we just found out is named "Athena". It's also completely off the wall and alcohol-fueled.

    Turns out, a lot of people loved her. Just three days after it was posted, the creator Shawn Keller has already popped up a fully animated followup video, announcing more Athena to come! The next episode will be taking place in her world, which is currently taken over by Lustrious, who appeared in the first video as a caged villain.

    Anyway, go find the announcement video below! Athena is just as adorable as the first one. I'm more amazed that he busted this out so quick. I've heard rumors that these oldschool Disney animators are powerhouses when it comes to animation. I guess that's completely true?