• This Bizaare But Really Well Animated Horse Cartoon - Guardians of Pondonia

    Guardians of Pondonia

    This actually doesn't have anything to do with My Little Pony, but I thought the animation was so good I think it's worth discussing anyhow. An oldschool disney animator over on Youtube just released a new completely off-the-wall video called "Guardians of Pondonia", starring the pegasus you see in the image above traveling to earth.

    Story-wise, its all over the place. Don't expect a whole lot there other than loads of sillyness. Just bask in the pony's superb animation if that isn't your humor style. It really is super well done, especially if you are into oldschool 80's animation styles with tons of movement that you don't usually see in modern day Flash. 

    Check it out below!