• Discussion: Which Character From the Show Didn't Get Enough Merchandise Love?

    Over the years, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle were always the Hasbro favorites for merchandise lines. The rest of the mane 6 followed them, and then we got princesses and occasional side ponies getting the toy love. Companies like Funko came in and represented the backgrounders that our fandom adopted, along with the slew of shirt sites showing them off in various designs.

    With 300 something significant characters, there was a lot of opportunity for merchandise with this show! Despite that, loads of them were either completely forgotten, or barely represented at all. It feels like Funko got the furthest into fanside, but they stopped making ponies after a few years and we unfortunately didn't get some of the later-season fandom favorites.

    With Kotobukiya asking for fan recommendations on future figures, it begs the question. Who needs more pony merch love? Discuss below!