• 25+ Of the Best Fanfics to Read for Vinyl and Octavia Day!

    In fanfic Russia, Octavia is a gangster

    We've got some best of the best fanfics below for Octavia Day! If you want older stuff, check out previous posts. This doesn't include everything, but those might since we don't have repeats here! 


    Slice of Life




    Movies by TheBandBrony


    Vinyl and Octavia's new apartment isn't exactly spacious--in some places, there's barely any room to breathe. The lack of space is driving Vinyl crazy, and she won't stand for it a second longer.


    Crossroads by A Hoof-ful of Dust


    Vinyl and Octavia meet the Devil.


    Not Your Forte by Fire Gazer the Alchemist


    Derpy has had a not-so-secret crush on Ponyville's premiere cellist player for a while now, but sadly the only pony who hasn't figured that out yet is Octavia herself. Too shy to admit her true feelings, Derpy instead gets Octavia alone for a private cello lesson, in hopes that a little bit of flirting will nudge things in the right direction.

    Unfortunately Octavia is as blind as a bat when it comes to romance.









    Calamity from the Skies by Posh


    The end has come for Ponyville.

    Octavia, frankly, could not care less.


    Vinyl and Octavia Get Incredibly Drunk by DoctorSpectrum


    A sequel to Vinyl and Octavia Machete Their Way Through The Jungle.

    As to what it's about? Well, take a look at the title, and take a guess.


    Denouement Duet by Tatsurou


    Two friends separated by circumstances and eras...

    Both return to the same time and place, back to their own world, their old lives.

    But both have changed greatly, and they did not return alone. And both carry scars of what happened to them, inside and out.

    Can these two pick up the pieces of their old lives, and go back to where they were? Or will they perhaps become something more?


    The Royal Ponyville Orchestra by Distaff Pope


    Octavia has finally been promoted to first chair, unfortunately for her, that chair is in the new (and as of yet unformed) Royal Ponyville Orchestra. Now, the best cellist in Equestria (Her words) is being sent to the cultural gulag of Ponyville (Also her words) to form and lead the Royal Ponyville Orchestra to greatness (Princess Luna's words).




    Octavia is a mare of refinement, calm, and organisation. She enjoys Ponyville life with Vinyl Scratch, and Vinyl's niece, Scootaloo. She sets boundaries, rules and safety measures that ensure all that creative energy is not spent on self-destructive behaviour, and so far her overly energetic housemate has followed these rules to the letter. Oh, and Scootaloo listens most of the time, too.

    So when it is decided the next sleepover will be at Scootaloo's place, Octavia is keen to prove she can succeed where other adults have failed, namely to have a night with the Cutie Mark Crusaders and not have her sanity driven to its breaking point or any pieces of furniture broken beyond repair.

    This can only end well.


    Vinyl Scratch vs Football by The 24th Pegasus


    Vinyl Scratch likes football. Octavia really likes football. Vinyl Scratch is terribly confused.









    Look on Down From the Bridge by FloydienSlip


    Vinyl Scratch has to make an important decision. Octavia is there for her.


    Grey by Foehn


    Some say the world is black and white, others shades of grey.

    The truth is, as always, somewhere in-between.

    In which a precocious filly contemplates context.


    Octavia's Reprise by Venates


    "Here you are in Canterlot / It's the place you always dreamed about / It's exactly what you have wanted"

    Octavia has lived among and performed for the highest class of ponies for years, and never once questioned her way of living or life choices. But when a fateful afternoon reignites an old memory, she finds herself realizing that she's been missing something: a friend. Now lost and desperate, she can only hope the pony she removed from her life will be willing to hear from her again.

    "Regret, Regret / Why did I forget about her for so long?"


    Symphony for Moon and Sun by GrassAndClouds2


    Octavia Philharmonica has betrayed her friends and allied with the corrupt nobles of Luna's Court, but her usefulness is at an end. After a discovered attempt to redeem herself and save her friends from the politicians, she finds herself compelled to play the infamous Symphony for Moon and Sun -- a piece from which no musician's career has ever escaped intact. Princess Luna hates the piece and shuns anypony who dares play it, and no venue will host a pony shunned by the princess of Equestria. In her desperate straits, her only hope is the aid of her former student Lyra Heartstrings... but not only is Lyra still feeling the effects of Octavia's betrayal, but Octavia isn't even sure that she deserves the help. Can Lyra get through to her former teacher and help her survive the most important performance of her career? Or will both of them find their careers crashing to a premature end? Lunaverse story.


    Leave a Light On by AuroraDawn


    It's never easy taking care of a loved one lost to addiction, especially when the rest of the world is so quick to leave them behind. Luckily in Ponyville, there's always a light left on in case some pony has nowhere left to turn.


    A Silent House by Enter Madness


    One year after Vinyl Scratch has passed away, Octavia struggles to cope.









    This One Time At Band Camp by Arbutus


    OctaScratch, not set at band camp.

    Music was in Vinyl’s blood, no one who listened to her would ever deny it. It was her favourite class in school, she almost never watched TV if the stereo was free, and her best friends, teachers, and mentors were all musicians—well, at least until her career took off and she had to start dealing with the rest of the industry.

    But for someone who would be happy only ever having to think about music and people who love it as much as her, teasing apart and getting bogged down in every nuance of the culture surrounding it, Vinyl somehow forgot how much there can be below the surface when it comes to one colleague in particular. Finding herself chastised for thinking like an industry stiff and not the professional she is, Vinyl remembers that musicians are often as complicated as their work, and that she’s no less prone to making sweeping generalizations.


    The Person in the Mirror by Quicksear


    This is my life now. It's a good life, too: Free food, free schooling and a roof over my head. A future laid out for me. I have everything I need to make the most of this. But then she shows up and makes me question whether I want to or not. She is infuriating, annoying, outlandish, boorish, exquisite.

    She reminds me of what I've lost.

    She reminds me of home.


    Spare Some Change? by Nadir


    Octavia's lived the high life for years. Practice after practice paid off and she's risen through the ranks. Now, she works for the Royal Orchestra itself, toiling every day to produce perfection. Untouchable, practiced, impeccable...lonely.

    Vinyl couldn't be any lower. Out of home, out of work, and nowhere to go but to a cold grave. Cast out and left to fend for herself, Vinyl has nothing, not even a friend to call her own.

    The two cross paths.

    A love story that many have known, and yet different. Both come in broken, beaten down people, their only hope each other.


    Video Killed the Radio Star by TheWraithWriter


    As a filly, Vinyl listened to Octavia Melody on the radio. As a mare, Vinyl goes to meet Octavia in person. It goes about as well as you'd expect.


    Stages by Bunnybooze79


    It was supposed to be Octavia’s first big moment in her beginning career. To her dismay a unicorn named Vinyl Scratch stole her spotlight and left an impression on the cellist she would so soon not forget.

    This is my take on how two of my favorite ponies met and the stages they went through.


    The Light Through The Window by MadMan


    Vinyl is quite happy with her life. A minor secretary, she lives her life one day at a time, thoroughly determined to not let a good memory pass her by.

    Octavia hates her life. She's the conductor of the orchestra she's played in for years, and suddenly realizes she hates everything about it. She just wants some freedom, some joy, something to smile about.

    Fate brings these two together, and you get the auspicious opportunity to read their story.









    The Show Must Go On by libertydude


    Octavia didn't want to be in Hilltop for Hearth's Warming Eve. The remote mountain town was just a stopover, a distraction from her true home back in Ponyville. She just needs to wait for the blizzard to die down and the next sled out of town to arrive.

    Unfortunately for her, the townsfolk are looking for a good Hearth's Warming show. Even worse, there's another pony from out of town more than eager to satisfy their craving.

    And she just so happens to need an assistant...


    Project Rita by Muggonny


    Tavi is gone. One day, she packed up all her things and left. Now I'm all alone, and I don't know what to do with myself. There's an ad in the newspaper promoting an experimental program called Project Rita. It says that it allows ponies to see the future of their relationships in alternate realities. Perhaps I could use it to see Tavi again?


    Music After Midnight by AndrewRogue


    The night runs long as a DJ sits alone, trying to produce a new track.

    Unfortunately, nothing seems to be working quite right.









    A City of Opportunities by Sasha Nein


    Vinyl Scratch, an up and coming, heavy hitting producer is thrown together with a shadow veiled, classically trained composer as they each try to make a living in the celebrity ridden streets of Canterlot. Little do they know, however, they will have to wade through the pressures of fame and popularity, heinous conspiracies and silver tongued threats, before they can walk the golden road of their fulfilled dreams.