• 25 Fanfics to Read for Music Pony Day!

    We've got a bunch of fanfics to read starring Vinyl, Tavi, Coloratura, Sapphire, and Songbird! For Vinyl and Tavi specifically, hit up last year's compilation.

    Thanks to Whisper Key for gathering them!

    Slice of Life

    Vinyl Scratch is in a Tree and Refuses to Come Down by Doccular42

    Sometimes, a mare just needs to climb a tree and stay there for hours and hours and hours on end. Octavia does not find this amusing, however. On the eve of her big audition for the Royal Canterlot Symphony, she needs her sleep. Unfortunately for her, Vinyl has the keys to their apartment, and she just won't get down from her darned tree.

    It's going to be an interesting night... But maybe not for the reasons Octavia suspects.

    Lady Lazuli by Quillamore

    "All it really took to unseat the queen was to bring in a Countess."

    Rara had been taught that anypony who could outshine her could ruin her dream in an instant, so she kept to herself, never thinking once about her competitors. Not even Sapphire Shores, the mare who inspired her more than anypony else. But when she's left without the resources Svengallop was willing to give her, a single question is on her mind.

    Is Sapphire really her rival? Or could they create something better together?

    Fa├žade by Taialin

    He resigned a while ago. But he's back, taunting me with things I'm sure I don't want: fame, luxury, glamor. I don't want to be the Countess anymore. But if that really is true, why can't I stop looking at somepony in his spit and image? Why can't I stop looking at her?

    She's Definitely Got The Mane For It by Dilos1

    As Applejack's fillyhood friend, Countess Coloratura, is singing up on the stage, amid all of the flashing lights and music, Twilight Sparkle can't help but feel that there is something familiar about the mare.

    Oh well, it's probably just her imagination. . . right?

    Who I Am by Overlord-Flinx

    After her role in the Helping Hooves Music Festival, Rara "Coloratura" heads backstage to take a moment. In just one day, so many things happened to her. All of them life changing. She fired her manager, she changed her image and musical style, and she reconnected with her oldest friend. All of it being incredibly overwhelming.

    The last time she felt so overwhelmed was...

    Stay with Me, Inspiration! by FerociousCreation

    Whenever Songbird Serenade steps onto the stage, the crowd calls for her. They hear her voice. And more importantly, they hear the pegasus' words. But there was a time when Songbird's words were very small and not well known. During her high school days, Songbird was a poet inspired to capture the world by storm with words. Unfortunately, that mindset almost cost her the future she was destined for.

    Fireside Shores by Noble Thought

    Sapphire Shores is tired of scalpers buying up tickets and reselling them at outrageous prices. She concocts a plan to beat them at their own game and throws in a surprise for a certain somepony who really only likes show tunes.

    All You Need is Love by AugieDog

    Sapphire Shores is a changeling. She's always been a changeling, trained while still a nymph to take a newborn filly's place and grow into a leader of ponies, a tastemaker, a herald to undermine Princess Celestia and pave the way for Queen Chrysalis's eventual conquest.

    This has had something of an effect on her life and career.


    Melody of the Future by Tatsurou


    A dark period in the world's history. With the rise of Reploids, society was thought to enter a new golden age...until the rise of the Mavericks. Driven mad by viral infection - or simple greed and rage - these Reploids become a drastic threat to the world peace...and the conflict between them and the Maverick Hunters would tear the world apart.

    However, a shining light of hope remains in Dr. Light's final creation...Megaman X. With his adopted pony daughter at his side, he shall-

    Wait, what was that last part?

    Vinyl and Octavia Move House by DoctorSpectrum

    Vinyl and Octavia have only just gotten back from the Amarezon Jungle, but things are already screwing up for them. Vinyl can't keep her house tidy no matter what she tries, Octavia can't tear herself away from Vinyl's cooking, and Vinyl keeps breaking into Octavia's house.

    Equestria's Got Talent by Quillamore

    Rara's always been able to sing like an adult. It's something she never really considered until ponies approached her after camp. Ponies who believe she has potential far beyond what her cutie mark tells her. Potential even to compete on Equestria's biggest stage...against Equestria's greatest talents.

    The Big Payback by GlueFactory

    Sapphire Shores, the pony of pop, Equestira’s darling diva, has just made enemies of the “Friendship Six.” The how and the why will soon give way to their dire consequences as the six put the mother of all pranks into motion. Rain clouds will be booby-trapped, dresses will be sabotaged, pies will be thrown and vengeance will be bittersweet.


    'I am Octavia' Aftermath by Watchpaw

    Octavia has had enough. Enough of the selfishness, enough of the hurt, and...maybe enough of Vinyl Scratch. After telling her she was going to miss her concert, again, the earth pony calls their friendship off. Now, it's up to DJ Pon3 to let her best friend go or fight tooth and hoof for their friendship. But with everything getting in her way, will she be able to make it? Or is one of them going to need a new place to call home?

    My Little DJ by iDash

    Scootaloo was alone. She had been for her whole life, but even a rejection from her idol, Rainbow Dash, hurt so much.

    Now, will she stay alone? Or will everybody's favorite DJ pony give her the love and care she deserves?


    Harmony Redux by errant

    Several months after moving to Ponyville, Vinyl and Octavia are planning their upcoming wedding. With help from friends like Lyra and Bon-Bon, what could possibly go wrong?

    The Cellist by RushingAutumnLeaves

    Vinyl Scratch thought that living with a cellist roommate would prevent any feelings for the grey mare. Well, ponies have been wrong before. Living with the constant fear that Octavia will discover her secret, Vinyl becomes a pony she never wanted to be. A poser. A fake. How can she be herself and still impress the cellist?

    HeartBeat by DemonBrightSpirit

    It isn't often that things go well for Derpy. Between her eyes, her clumsiness, and her propensity for disaster, it's hard enough just to make friends. Add to that a revolving door of jobs and a daughter to raise, it's a miracle that she has much time for herself at all. So when her date stands her up at a loud, flashy club, it hurts.

    Maybe she should just give up. Or, maybe she just needs the kindness of a strange bartender in purple shades.

    Ice Queen by Quillamore

    For many people, dating a celebrity is nothing short of a dream come true. It was a dream for Sunset, too, before Coloratura transferred to her school and saw something in the local rock star.

    But the life of an idol's girlfriend comes with more dark secrets than anyone can count, and as Sunset soon discovers, Rara is anything but an ordinary idol.

    The Brightest Star I've Ever Seen Shine by Twinkletail

    With the Helping Hooves Concert in their rearview, Applejack and Coloratura decide to catch up a bit before she has to leave. Before either can move on, though, some feelings need to be put out in the open.

    As the Sun Comes Out by DwarvishPony

    When you're down in the dumps, all it takes is something simple to raise your spirits.

    For Twilight, simple things somehow end up arriving in ways she wouldn't expect.


    Between Bassdrops and Bowstrings by Quillian Inkheart

    Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch are musicians and the best of friends; despite this, the two couldn't be more different. But when Octavia leaves Ponyville to find her fortune, she learns that her friend might have been all she ever really needed.

    Meanwhile, Vinyl finds herself trapped in the shadow of her father, struggling to make her own fame. Follow them, and many other Equestrian musicians, as they further their musical careers, meet new friends, find love, and experience loss. Together, they encounter dangers, challenges and, ultimately, face the greatest realization of all - what it means to accept one's own destiny.

    Being the Lesser Evil by Pascoite

    Years ago, Octavia still loved music. Years ago, Luna thought she might yet do some good from her prison. Years ago, Vinyl Scratch found herself in an interminable dream.

    One night could set them all free.

    Her Song of Jubilation by Impossible Numbers

    Coloratura struggles after losing the odious manager Svengallop, and does what she can to get her life back on track.

    Three Words by Noble Thought

    Sapphire Shores is haunted by her mother's whispering voice. Her dreams are filled with letter after letter, all asking the same question. It isn't until the mail catches up to her tour that she learns why.


    Knight of Equestria I: Certainty by scifipony

    Long before I took the name Songbird Serenade, I met Princess Nightmare Moon. It changed me forever. It revealed in me a strong—and I fear evil—certainty that has affected the lives of many ponies. This is the story of that meeting on the morning of the 1000th Sun Celebration, and its continuing aftermath.