• Let Music Move You - Music Pony Day Begins!

    What better two to get Music Pony Day started off than with the original music duo themselves? Music has always been a huge part of the fandom, something I find rather unique when compared with other fandoms. But when a show like FiM has great music and songs to back up the story and the visuals it just made sense that we'd have a great music scene, and great musical ponies in the show as well!

    So today's the day to celebrate all of our musical ponies! Expect to see a variety of posts throughout the day in between our normal news that we hope will tickle your fancy. If you still have material you'd like to submit for the day, make sure to send it into submit@equestriadaily.com by 12pm PST with Vinyl and Octavia Day in the subject line followed by the type of media you're sending in.

    Example: Vinyl and Octavia Day - Comics.

    We hope you all enjoy!

    Twitter: Calpain