• Pony Tale Adventures Hit with a C&D From Hasbro

    It looks like the Hasbro legal army has struck again. Another pony project has received the dreaded Cease and Desist. If you don't remember Pony Tale Adventures, it's essentially a dating sim for cartoon horses that we've been covering over the last few years. It has been one of the few out therer that regularly releases big updates, so it's super unfortunate to hear about a shutdown.

    They are currently in talks with Hasbro to hopefully come up with some kind of licensing agreement as announced over on their Discord server, but for now all we can really do is wait and see what happens. Hasbro's legal side is known for being slow and difficult if the whole Jan Animations thing years ago is any indicaiton. Hopefully they've improved since then, but for now we can only watch.

    I've included some screencaps below of their announcement.