• Pinkie Music: Doxypony - Hi! [Techno]

    Pony passion lives on in the pony music scene! Even if at times it may be harder to see, such as right now upon the sad news of the previously announced Pinkie-themed compilation album from PonyCore Records getting cancelled because of lack of submissions. For once that a compilation album had a pony theme! Granted, not everyone will like Pinkie, but... (What am I saying - that is not a valid excuse!) And it's true that around the same time there was another Pinkie-themed compilation album that got a successful release. Still, there's never enough PINKIE! Enough with the rambling, come check out Doxypony's track made for it with love, sampling Pinkie! Despite being short, it's very awesome and cute! And it shows that pony passion still lives on! And I'll always be here to celebrate it and spread the word about it! After all, fan works are one of the main reasons that got me interested back when I discovered the community, and even if there are a lot of commercial works these days, I just know that fan works will always get made!!