• Pinkie Pie-themed Compilation Album!! "PINK! Pinkamena Pinka-Distorted!" [Electronic]

    It has been announced before along a promo video by yours truly, and it's now out!! The long-awaited Pinkie-themed compilation album hosted by r_chase and Nyancat380 is here, and it sure delivers the Pinkie-ness! And I don't mean just in the crazy genres, high energy and experimental tones throughout the album... I mean in the concept of the tracks too, and Pinkie's voice can be appreciated and duly savored in quite a lot of the tracks. And both her "positive/high energy" and her "Pinkamena" personalities are represented, which makes this album quite a success! Although, ears warning for the final track!! You've been warned. Now, go grab this must-have of an album!

    Download the compilation album from Bandcamp here!