• Trixie Music: CAPT - TRIXIE LIKES GIRLS [Kawaii Hardcore]

    Who was the trans pony originally intended by Lauren Faust in the show? Do you headcanon it to be Trixie like many do, or do you have your own idea? Personally I don't know, but I sure agree that Trixie likes mares, Starlight in particular ♥ Starlight x Trixie forever!! Of course, as... best... FRIENDS!♥ (Trixie's voice) Having fun making a song about that concept all while advertizing about PonyCore Records and the upcoming Pinkie-themed compilation album "PINKIES LABEL VOL: 1 FUN FUN FUN" (open for submissions!), CAPT has the genre "Kawaii Hardcore" on point with such a CUTE song about Trixie!! Aaaah I just love her so much, and the song too ♥ There's so much cuddliness and fluffiness in it, and LOVE, the same love she feels for Starlight ♥