• My Little pony Annual Comic 2021 - 3 Page iTunes Preview Released!

    The My Little Pony Annual 2021 edition releases in 10 days on the 14th of the month, and we have a preview of three pages from it to get you all prepared for what will be in it! Head on down below for that and the description. This is the one with that female Diamond Dog cover that popped up forever ago!

    Go read below!


    Description: Season 10 continues here! Twilight Sparkle’s mission to find friendship in all corners of Equestria has taken Rarity, Mage Meadowbrook, Maud, and Big McIntosh to the Kingdom of the Diamond Dogs! But instead of friendship, they find a feud! Can they figure out how to fix the fractured bond between six sisters?

    Thanks to Masem and Edward for the heads up!