• General Warning: The First Half of Season 2 of Pony Life Has Leaked

    It's 2021, and pony is still one of the leakiest shows out there. Apparently floating around in the void of MLP underground discussion boards is a link to the entire first half of the second season of Pony Life, minus the first episode. It is completely uncompressed and obviously ripped right from the source. We don't have the real reason for it, but we've been told that some ondemand service has insecure URLS people have downloaded them from. That's not confirmed yet.

    So, keep an eye out for spoilers if you are following the show. They will be out there. Considering it's airing quickly anyway via the UK Tinypop channel it won't be long before this stuff is officially released, but consider yourself informed anyway!

    Now go post kirins or something. I need them.